Of blogging again

Seeing my twitter account today that says “website” with the link to this blog made me think and “Why the hell did I stopped blogging?” I was in hiatus for over five months.… Continue reading

Finding Derek

Derek is what I call the the future husband. Don’t ask why I wanted to call him Derek. I don’t know. Derek is just a good name for a guy I guess…or maybe… Continue reading

I can’t talk much about it now

But this guy is definitely drawing a smile in my face.     and he is a great cook. And he is uber sweet!;;) Just sharin’ may Cloud 9 moment, or maybe Cloud… Continue reading

Making KONY Famous

I was on call last night and while I was waiting for a call, I kept on listening to country music in YouTube.  I found out that almost all the top comments on… Continue reading

Top 7 Misconceptions About Saudi

Here’s a list of misconceptions about the Kingdom and the people living in it. Based on my observation and experience, here’s the top 7. 1. It’s hot in Saudi. Yes, its true that its… Continue reading