The 30 day Project:My Grown Up Christmas List (Day1:WORLD PEACE)

Last year, I made up my own Christmas list (it was not so grown up I guess) You can view it here.

And so this year, I’m making a grown up Christmas list. I am starting off today, November 26, and for the next 30 days I will list down one wish on my blog. By the end of 2010 (next year pa yun!) Let’s see if I really did great on making each wish list come true.:)

So here’s Number One Wish on Day One.

World Peace. This sounds overrated and the favorite line from a Miss Universe contestant but who doesn’t want a peaceful world…or a peaceful Christmas? After the poll related massacre in Maguindanao killing not less than 57 people including journalists and innocent civilians I guess its another wake up call for everyone, not just us Filipinos, to set aside our angst, grudges and politics. I have WORLD PEACE in number one because of the recent events in our country. It would be nice to end and start a year without war.

The videos may not talk about WORLD PEACE  in general but in some way, it will help in gaining world peace.:)