The 30 day Project: My Grown Up Christmas List (Day 4: Take some rest)

Not so grown up Christmas list? I guess not.

Today was the last day of the Kerygma Conference. It was tiring, believe me. It’s not because we had to raise our hands, jump, dance, sing or worship, it was because I can’t sit erect at the bleachers, my butt was soo0o warm and numb, my legs seems like atrophied piece of muscles. I just wanted to stretch out my hands and legs or march in place but I can’t since there are people, many people, infront of me also listening to the speakers, praying, meditating, sitting and maybe feeling the same way I feel. But still… I love my long legs for keeping me tired during the last two days.

view from the top

Yes, we were in the bleachers. General admission area. The place where the cheapest tickets are. That was the tiring part sitting at the top of Araneta Coliseum where the speakers are like little toy soldiers. From the bleachers, you see everything below. It’s like flying and looking down at the crowd, observing the people, looking for flaws, looking for something to rant about. Now, that’s real tiring.

After the mass, Con and I didn’t finish the healing of Bro Bob. We were getting sleepy. Sorry Lord for that. And off we went to Starbucks to get some coffee, sat there for a while and read Bro. Bo’s book on overcoming our Goliaths. Then came this skinny lady in skinny jeans and ankle high boots with 3 or 4 shopping bags of branded brands. (uhm…whatever, that’s the way I’d describe it.) She sat parallel to our table, waited for her friend who came minutes later but left immediately. After her friend left, she took a newspaper from the newstand, read maybe and waited. Waited….and waited… Then came this family, they were like 6 and since Starbucks is full as always there was only a table with two chairs left which is located behind our table infront of skinny lady’s table. A family member asked her if the other seat was taken (“Miss, may nakaupo?”) and to her she replied, “Yes, I’m waiting for my friend.” (with a pretentious English accent.) And so the poor lady looked for other chairs. WHY am I ranting about this??? First and foremost, she doesn’t even have a cup of coffee in her table. Second, she was just there waiting for her friend. Third, she is inconsiderate, why? There are a million (okay, that’s too much, hundreds maybe) of customers (people who buy their drinks from the counter and are entitled to take a seat unless they choose to drink it outside) in the coffee shop and she was there fake reading a newspaper, waiting for her another imaginary friend, letting her paper bags sit on the chair where a customer was supposed to sit. Isn’t that uber inconsiderate???

(Me: Deep breaths while reacalling the scene.)

Kape. Ito ang purpose kaya ka nasa Starbucks.

Take some rest. Take some rest from being inconsiderate. Take some rest from pretending. Take some rest from being a bitch….Like me, I need to take some rest and stop ranting about this.:) Sometimes we see our flaws in other people. As they say, What we hate about one person is who we are….Maybe I’m a bitch too. But I do share seats and I don’t make Starbucks a waiting area.;p

Bitch mode:pwede ring magphotoshoot pero dapat may kape pa rin. At least hindi namin ginawang waiting

Let’s take some rest…..zzzzzZzzz…Hush…Go to sleep the Lord loves the bitches.:) but HE doesn’t love the bitchy attitude.:)