The 30 day Project: My Grown Up Christmas List (Day 5: Service)

I wasn’t able to post my Christmas list last night so I’m making two today. One this morning and another later tonight.
I was having my dinner last night when Con, my cousin, came over the house, “Kat!!Kat!” in panicky voice. I opened up the door and she told me to come over their house because Ching her sister has rashes all over. Ching was diagnosed five days ago with SVI or systemic viral infection. So I went to the house rushing and assessed her. Rashes on all extremities, hypotension, full pulses so far. His brother from the hospital told us that the latest laboratory work up is not good with platelet count of only 20. Our diagnosis, dengue hemorrhagic fever. Thirty minutes later after the car arrived, we rushed her to the hospital.


Having a nurse or any health care professional in the family is an advantage. You get a picture of what is about to happen when things go wrong and the best part? You can do something before even reaching the hospital. You have the knowledge, you have doctor-friends, you are confident and that would make the prognosis of any disease better.
SERVICE. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to cure people. I wanted to help them. But as the time went by I also wanted to be a journalist, psychologist, interior designer, chef, photographer and finally I am now a nurse. I love doing a lot of things, i love to write, take photos, read, cook. I love art. I love creating. I love exploring. I love helping. I love serving. Maybe that is why I am a nurse.

get togethers?? once in a blue moon.

I guess being a nurse is the most noble job in the world. You get to take care of people of different races, color and creed. You deal with their relatives. You deal with doctors and other health care professionals. But aside from taking care of them, what do you get in return? No holidays. Night shifts. Overtimes. On call duties. NPO status for an 8-hour duty if toxic. At risk for blood borne diseases. Back ache. Tremors from charting. A salary just enough for yourself. No gimmicks. No shopping for clothes. White uniform for 5 days. 3 hour sleep. No family or school reunions. Duty on typhoons, flood, earthquake,etc. And what do we get in return? A simple THANK YOU and a warm smile from a satisfied client. And it washes all the toxic duties.

so far the best health care professionals I've met

I love being a nurse. I love taking care of people. I love serving. I love SERVICE.