The 30 day Project:My Grown Up Christmas List (Day 10: Get Ready)

I’ve been reviewing for my NCLEX since April. Three months in the study lab of Kaplan, the last 4 weeks dedicated to live lectures and the rest to self study with Kaplan materials. I think I look at myself as someone who will always go with the flow. I enrolled in Kaplan because my friend Chin encouraged me to. To tell you honestly I never really wanted to go to the United States. When I was a kid, if they ask me where I want to go, I would give a quick answer, “New Zealand and Canada”. I always loved New Zealand for its greenery and Canada for the snow. I do think US has both but I would still rather live and work in those countries for some reason I don’t really know or care for now. Its just a hunch or feeling that I want to be there, I guess there is something there installed for me.

with my friend chin

So last March I enrolled in Kaplan. I attended the “self-study” for about two weeks for five days. I realized my 20k something money was wasted. I was never a person who learns from self studying. I was the group dynamic type of learner. I learn from others’ ideas, I wanted debates, I learn from mingling with other people. I was not the type of person who goes to one corner, read a book, solve problems alone. Crap. I wasn’t ready for that kind of learning but I managed thru until the very last day in Kaplan. I had days when I go there for only three hours and leave early. There were even times when I’d go there once or twice a week because of my work in the hospital. Yes, I was studying and working at the same time. Wrong idea. I get so exhausted at work and all that is left when I face the computer is a blank mind and a rapid gush of melatonin at 9 in the morning. Yes, I sleep when studying, and slept most of the time. And as a result, I get not so good scores in my quizzes. But as for Kaplan’s standard, they ahve 75% passing rate and a borderline of 65%. I never reached the 75, I am as always on the 65 and below range. But I didn’t see it as a problem since I will still have a lot of time to self study because I still don’t have my ATT and schedule.

On December 9 at 3pm I will having my NCLEX and I wish I could have prepared more. I spent two more months self review with most of my time dedicated to Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. I never really am good at self studying. It’s torture. I’d rather plant, harvest and cook in Facebook. I’d rather watch out for tweets from Julius Babao or read blogs and explore photography sites that spend the next 2 or 3 hours answering questions in front of my laptop or in the NCLEX review book provided by my cousin. Arrrghhh. I wanted someone I could talk to about rationales and pathophysiologies. I wanted to debate on why this is the right answer and its not that. I miss my group. I miss learning from them.

see? I'd rather play chef in Cafe World

Almost four days before my exam and I’m sad to say I am not ready. I don’t know. I guess during examinations like this no one is ever prepared. I don’t intend to finish the books, or the quizzes. I just wanted this thing to end so I can decide if I still want to Canada or New Zealand.When I was in Ilocos, my grandpa told me, “Wala ng pag-asa sa US. Palubog na sila.” My grandpa stayed there for almost twenty years and petitioned us, but I guess we won’t be going there anymore.:( Sad…but reality is, the economy is getting worse in US. We need to look for other alternatives. And America is just one option.

Get ready, I tell myself. Get ready and expect the unexpected.I guess this Christmas we need to get ready for everything. I never expected Martial Law to be declared in Maguindanao, who knows in the next few days the greedy president will declare it all over the Philippines. Let’s all be ready.

Bye now, I need to take another set of quiz first, but before that let me check my cafe.;p