The 30 day Project:My Grown Up Christmas List (Day 16: Take a Break)

I woke up today with a smile and for sure excited for the Christmas party with my boys. Chester, Alex, Arvin, Elmer—> I always call my boys for obvious reasons because they are boys, they are my friends on line and we have something in common–>PHOTOGRAPHY.

ay wala si chester clint and pumalit. CAKE-A.:)

Chester planned this reunion almost three weeks ago just before the Maguindanao massacre happend. Since, he was in Davao at that time and is about to finish his 6 month contract as a nurse, the only way we can cammunicate is thru the internet. Planning was easy. Bring food, bring your cameras and don’t forget your props. Yes, we always have photoshoots or should I say phototrips when we get together.

It’s been two years since I met Chester online. Although Chester and the rest of my friends graduated from the same school as mine, we weren’t friends in college. Probably the closest to me was Elmer because we were classmates in freshman year and I really get intrigued in his wits. Arvin is next since he was transferred to my previous block, so if I get to talk to my previous blockmates he used to greet me but other than that we weren’t even acquaintances. Alex would be probably the last person I get to meet thru Chester but I’ve seen him around the pink walls before so he was no familiar face.

kahit sa jogging phototrip pa din

Today is the second Christmas we spend together as online buddies. I wasn’t able to attend the first party last year because of work and I had to go home to Ilocos but today I’m finally meeting them for Christmas. All of us has been busy for the past months and I guess its time for us to take a break.

Christmas is one of the seasons other than summer when friends get to meet each other again. Parties of any kind (slumber, beach, bar hopping) are abundant. Taking a break from the stressful world should be in everyone’s wishlist. There are many ways, options in taking a break. As for me, since I just finished a major exam, I’ll want to make up to my friends for a while. Today, I’m gonna with my boys, on Sunday we’ll be celebrating Joanne’s birthday in I don’t know where but its for sure a pig-out for the girls, the next weekend I’ll be spending another 2 or 3 days with my girls in Baguio just so we can experience the 10 degrees or colder temperature.

Take a break this Christmas or not just this season. Take time to have breaks once in a while, clear our minds, rejuvenate and get back on track once it’s over.:)