The 30 day Project: My Grown Up Christmas List (Day 27:Find a job)

Almost two weeks late for the last four items on the grown up list but I still have to post though. I went home to Ilocos for my Christmas vacay and although I wanted to write and finish up this 30 day project I was damn lazy coz I don’t have an internet connection in the house, the weather is cold and I wanted to spend more time with my family rather than Facebooking while doing this blog. In short, I didn’t get to check this account for almost two weeks.

Find a job. I guess this is by far one of the hardest things to do in my list. I have this item on my to-do list since I passed the board exam and until now I still don’t have one. Last night I was listening to the news about the in demand jobs for 2010 and IT is still number one on the list. Customers service representatives are in demand because of the number of growing IT and BPO companies. When I graduated, as a freshman in the real world I wanted to apply as a call center agent. With the attractive salary, new graduates would prefer it rather than getting 7k basic pay. As usual, mom did not let me. I received a number of calls from IT companies and I never attended even one of the interviews they scheduled for me. It was a mistake as I am realizing it now, that I should’ve tried rather staying here at home, stagnant, unemployed and broke. Although I still get allowance from dad, I guess at 23 I should be earning my own money and paying the bills. Lame me.

So for 2010 I need to find  a job. It doesn’t necessarily mean being a staff nurse in a hospital as long as I have one where I can pay the bills, buy what I want and travel whenever I want without dad paying the hotel or airfare.

Find a job for 2010. I really wish I wouldn’t be spending Christmas here this year. I just hope.