The 30 day Project:My Grown Up Christmas List (Day 28:Exercise and Eat Right)

Last year, when all we had to do almost everyday was eat my brother and I are already thinking of menus so we can stay healthy and fit all year round. We are planning to enroll in a gym or we can just but a treadmill and exercise at home. I never enrolled in a gym class, I guess I’m not really into staying Plus I’d rather jog and run than spending a thousand bucks every month where I can run and jog for free in UP Dilliman with all the greenery of the Sunken Garden and fresh air for free.;p

Last night, my brother asked me if I’d be willing to start gym sessions on Wednesday. Whaaaat?? It was sooner than I expected and he said, “Eh, kailan pa tayo magsisimula?” which is true. If we wanted to stay healthy why wait? I’m having a lot of questions. Are the gym instructors all men? Don’t they have girl gym instructors? How will I use all those equipment? Argh. I hate first times.

Eating right. Does that mean a balanced diet? My bro suggested a vegetarian diet for this year. I don’t know if we can comply to that though. I love to cook, I love to eat and I don’t want to starve myself or eat vegetables for the rest of my life just so to stay fit. I’m planning of having a no rice Or we can substitute it with pasta. We both love pasta and partner it will steamed or grilled meat/fish. Whatever. But when I go out today I will buy the small pasta books they sell in bookstores and look for new recipes we can enjoy.

Exercise and Eat Right. and have a healthy two-zero-one-zero. šŸ™‚