The 30 day Project:My Grown Up Christmas List (Day 29:More blogs)

I have only been blogging seriously for the last couple of months and looking at the stats I will now blog more about current affairs. My entry about the Maguindanao Massacre had the most views and I guess people from the web wants to know more about what is happening in the world rather than with my I think I’d use the other blog account for the stories of my life.:) I’ve been thinking of categories to make. Politics, religion, science, environment, business, uhm….Still thinking of others. I’m also planning a photoblog or something like photo of the week blog and maybe incorporate short stories in those pictures. waahhh. Lotsa plan for my blog.

Since blogging everyday has been hard. I wasn’t able to make the 30-day project thirty. I was late in blogging or sometimes I blog in advance other times I have two or three entries per day. Maybe this year I’m making the MWF blog. I’ll blog at different categories on different days. Whew! That’s a really nice plan….I really hope I can make it.

More blogs for 2010! Let’s go for it!:)