The 30 day Project:My Grown Up Christmas List (Day 30:Making the list come true)

Mali pala ako nung sinabi kong FIND A JOB ang pinakamahirap sa listahan. Pinakamahirap gawin ang 30th entry! Panalo! Winner ako pag nagawa ko lahat ng nasa wishlist.

1. World Peace

2. Love not War

3. Receive and Give

4. Take some rest

5. Service

6. Take Action

7. Believe that dreams come true every day because they do

8. Commit to something fruitful

9. Inspire someone

10. Get ready

11. Giggle

12. Breathe

13. Forgive

14. Open your heart

15. Hope

16. Take a break

17. Deal with criticisms

18. Write about something and be happy about it

19. Pray for a friend

20. Pursue a passion

21. Be beautiful

22. Make lasting memories

23. Turn Green, Go Eco

24. Be patient

25. Shop for yourself

26. Read classics, listen to classics and watch classics

27. Find a job

28. Exercise and Eat right

29. More blogs

30. Making the list come true

DONE! I will review this again next year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! More blessings for 2010!

happy 2010 everyone!