I was thinking of a topic to write about right now and I can’t think of any or rather I have too much in my mind and I don’t know what to choose. This year is going to be awesome after all. The first days has been boring yet exciting and a lot of surprises came up. (And now I have a topic and writing)

I spent the first day of 2010 with my brother and cousins. I’ve been itching to visit the newly opened mall in our province since I got home for the Christmas vacation. We’ve set schedules, reset schedules and finally on that day when AJ went to the house we decided eat our lunch at the mall. It was a little over noon when we arrived. It was literally hot and the sun’s rays are so blinding. We waited for about 15 to 20 minutes before the mall would open. They opened late, maybe because it was New Year’s eve last night and when we stepped down our car, the lines near the entrance door magically filled the two-storey Robinson’s mall. The spot where Pizza Hut is about to be crowded with customers, hungry or not. We went inside and was escorted by a gay food crew named Jed. (Oh! I love gay people esp.when they speak English and when we get to use the same blush.) He was friendly or he should be we are customers.:) It took a while to take orders and even longer to wait for our fun. One familiar face came up to us almost every ten minutes to serve pasta, pizza and refill our glasses with iced tea. He looked decent although I would never forget how he treated me in high school. He was T-Bag to me, more or less. Thank God I was Sara and he never laid a hand.

Robinson’s Ilocos

The lunch was okay. The pizza was a bit toasted and it was first in many years that I didn’t eat a green pepper in a pizza because it tasted like “old” and I can feel the pepper skin on my tongue.  I like green peppers but the ones on my pizza were….argh. My pasta was great except for the shrimp that smelled like fish. I mean its really “malansa” and I can smell it without my nose on the plate. Other than that, Spaghetti in mushroom and garlic sauce is still favorite Pizza Hut pasta. For my brother and cousins, I wouldn’t know how they reacted but we finished the plates, was full and went around the mall a few minutes after paying the bill.

The next day, I went out with Ren and Vhon again, ate at the pizza parlor and the highlight of that day? I saw Michael. I’m recalling the feelings I had that afternoon and I remember a big thump in my chest but felt no butterflies in my stomach. That was my second to the last day in Ilocos and I finally get to see my ex-boyfriend in black slaks, black backpack and that fucking green shirt! He was waiting for his co-worker, the familiar face I saw yesterday. There isn’t sadness, happiness or surprise in my part (oh well there’s a bit of surprise, I was hoping to see him in a chef’s uniform). There was pity. I pity him sitting there after his work. I sensed sadness in his eyes, anger maybe in the way he moved, but other than that I didn’t know what to think because he left immediately and he never smiled. I didn’t expect that though but I was still expecting an apology, personally, from him. Okay…so maybe I won’t get that for the next two or three years but I he knows he still owes me one.

Just this week I think I’m gonna be spending the next two years abroad. Hopefully. *crosses fingers and smiles*

Thank God….I’m alive after Michael stabbed me.:) I’m alive! Again. Moving on for 2010.

Just Me. For Now.