Ate Edith’s Day


Today is my mom’s birthday. Her name is Edith Calacal and I call her “ate” for a lot of reasons. First, she looks like my older sister. She looks young for a 49 year old. Second, she acts like my ate/sister in many ways. Third, ATE is now the new MOM –at least in our clan.hehe
I made this blog for mom just to let everyone know how good she is. She may not be the best mom but she’s not the worst either. I love her just the way she is even if she’s uber talkative and a lot times pessimistic. I love her laugh. I miss her cooking. I love her for loving us and for washing my undies (lol).
Happy Birthday Mom! I wish we could celebrate it with you but then, you are there, we are here but who knows in nine months we’ll all be together in Canada. Let’s pray to God for that. I love you. Keep safe.

Ate Edith at Burgoo last Mother’s day
Mom during Uncle Simeon’s wedding