Erratum: You are and you will always be my happiness.

Just when I thought he was the only person who can make me happy and cry at the same time, I realized that over the last two years I settled for some thing less than I deserve. I chose sleepless nights of crying over someone not even worth a single tear. I spent most of my time wishing on falling stars for us to cross again. I chose you. And I still did until the very end. But now I realized that “You never was my happiness.” I just thought so. I learned that I was happy before you and I became” us”. And so much happier now that “us” is again you and I.

Why are you talking about it now?

Maybe…just maybe I found that one person who can make me happy and will never make me cry.:) I deserve that smile. Not the tears, not the broken promises, not the lies, NOT YOU. I deserve that smile. The happiness. The love. And I’m crossing my fingers wishing, no, praying to God that its HIM.


“Kaya mo ba ang schedule ko?”
“Oh well, the question is, kaya mo ba natin ang schedule ng isa’t-isa?”

Sana ang mga health care workers ay magkaroon ng mas disenteng day-off. –>hear!

Just Me. For Now.