My 2009 Grown Up Christmas List: A Review

Last year, I made a Christmas list too. And I get to review it today…and realized that most of it was just a “wish”.


My Grown Up Christmas List—>2009

This is actually the first Christmas List I ever made. Of course as a kid, I had wishes but I never get to write them. So, to make things unique this Christmas and to add a little spice in my life I’ll have to write this wish list and look at it after a year if I ever got those wishes come true. J

  • Job. This has been one of my wishes last year, to finally have a job. I had a job but it lasted for less than three months and I had to quit that early. This year, it is gonna be on top of my list again. Out of the thousands of nurses the Philippines’ produced bi-annually, where can I find myself? Though one.

Number One has been really hard. It was more like swimming in a big ocean looking for an island. And I’m lucky enough to have a job as a PEDIA ICU nurse for six months. A job I can truly enjoyed.:) Number one—>done!  But I’m really hoping for a permanent job on 2010.:)

  • Travel Business. Travelling has been one of my passions. If had lots of money I’d love to travel around the Philippines and the world as well. And ever since Chester had proposed to me to start a travel business, although the girls and I were planning to start it even before Chester told me, we didn’t have enough knowledge, skills and time to talk about it. I hope I can really start one first quarter this year with the help of my friends.

Travelling Flipflops is what we called it and our first ever Ilocos tour was last May 1-3, 2009. It was a success for a first timer although there had been problems, it was good enough for a start. The sad part was, in travel biz you have a lot of competitors (other travel agencies, weather, road blocks, etc). We suppossedly have our first foreign clients last October but due to the typhoon and some other internal problems, the tour was cancelled. We are resuming the biz this November and hopefully everything else will go on smoothly.:)

  • Go to Singapore in November. The girls and I have been planning to go on a trip to any Asian country this November. When we have earned enough for our plane ticket and pocket money it would be really nice to spend time and relax with the girls.
  • Go to Coron in summer or before June. I’ve been really loving photos of Palawan lately especially Coron. And if I only have money, I’d love to go there now. I wish number one and two will come true so I can support myself financially.

Numbers 3 and 4 were merely wishes for 2009 but I do hope we can make them come true on 2010.:)

  • Climb at least three mountains before 2009 ends. I just recently joined Encircle Mountaineering Club for  new hobby but I haven’t climbed a mountain since the Basic Mountaineering Course with Mr. Cabotage. I’m planning to climb at least one every quarter with Chester and the rest of the club of course.

I’m wishing I can climb one before the year ends. With my cakes.:)

  • Buy a Nikon digital SLR. Since SLR’s are bit pricey, I bought myself a Cybershot this Christmas. And by the end of the year or before November I wish I can buy an SLR for myself too.

Photography has been one of my passions since high school. (Go ask PJ about it.) And if there is one thing I want to do for the rest of my life, it would be capturing life’s moments and hoping I can pass them on to whoever is in line on the next generation.:) I hope I can buy one after passing the NCLEX.

  • More movie dates, dinners and coffee afternoons with my brother. I always go out with my brother just to drink coffee at Starbucks or watch a movie together. I wish we can do this more often and we get to talk a lot more about what’s been happening to our lives.

I guess I really succeeded in making this part come true.:) And I’d love to do more activities (why not try extreme sports?) next year.:)

  • Finish the scrapbooks. First things first, I have to print the pictures first before I can finish the scrapbooks. I’m supposed to make three now (CEU days, 2007 and 2008 events). That’s a lot of work.

This, as I’ve said entails a lot of work. And I haven’t started one….sad…:(

  • Have a better fashion sense. Since my metabolism has been great for the last six months, I’ve lost a lot fat. And since slim people can basically wear anything, I’d love to try the girly fashion sense this year. More of the dresses, shoes, accessories and prints. I’ll clean my closet and shop for new clothes this year.

And this one is still in the process. Since I was busy in the hospital, I didn’t get enough time to shop but then I’m loving dresses and they love my yellow bag.:)

I am stunning in my scrub suit.:)
  • Improve on writing, cooking and photography. My three greatest dreams: to be a writer, chef and photographer. I wish I could improve things, make it better next year. I have friends who have been good influences and inspirations as well, they really are a good help in my hobbies. And I’m planning to cook a different meal every week and watch more of Chef Rob’s show so I can improve the cooking part.

Busy as always, I don’t get enough telly moments except lately for the Pinoy Big Brother really rocks, I didn’t get to watch Chef Rob for the most part, I did enjoy Chef Rose Bud and Iron Chef shows though. My photography skills? Quite improving I guess. And I read a lot from the internet lately, I’m planning to take a photography class next year when I get my SLR.:) Writing? Oh well, you be the judge.

  • Pay the bills. When I get a job, this has been my first promise to myself. I WILL PAY THE BILLS. (water, electricity, internet and cable –when I get to apply for one.) I want to buy new things for the house and buy groceries using my money again. I really pray I’d get the job.

I did pay the bills…with dad’s Maybe next year *crosses fingers*.

So those were what was on my Christmas list this year. I do have one last wish though (but I won’t post, its kind of personal when I finally get to make it come true I’ll post it too.) I think I get to make half of the wishes come true and another half just wishes…. This year I have a new Christmas wish list. And it will be a more grown up wish list. For the next 30 days I will write my wishes and at the end of 2010 I will make the same “review” or evaluation. (I hope I do get better every year.:)

Just Me. For Now.