Nurses’ Notes:For the love of kids

I never really liked Pediatrics in college. Don’t get me wrong. I love kids. I enjoy being with them. I enjoy playing and goofing around with my little cousins, nephews and nieces. But in nursing or in medicine probably, Pediatrics could be one of the hardest specialties. You deal with newborns, babies, kids and adolescents. That’s how broad Pediatrics is, and at a different stage, you should have that special talent to deal with them.

I’ve been working as a nurse trainee in this government hospital for the last three months (and counting). Before I was assigned to the Pedia ICU (Intensive Care Unit), I also had a 2-month training in the Pedia ward. As trainees, most of us would love to be assigned in the Medical or Surgical ward. Only few nurses would want a Pedia ward assignment or even worse, the Maternity or OB unit. But I had no choice but work in the Pedia ward and later be assigned in the Pedia ICU.

As a nurse its hard to get over clients who die. Of course, the ICU has a lot of those “incidences” because we cater to critically ill clients. What’s even more frustrating is seeing newborns, babies and little kids die. That is why I never wanted to be assigned in the Pedia unit. I don’t love seeing kids gasping for their breath. I don’t love seeing kids being abandoned. I don’t love admitting kids to the ICU with burn injuries and bruises due to child abuse. I don’t love seeing premature babies abandoned by their young parents. I never wanted to see those. All I ever wanted was to see children playing with other kids, going to schools just to study. As a nurse, I wanted to see smiles on their faces not those nasty lacerations and tears. I’d love to hear their crisp laughter not their cries every time they are left because parents are not allowed to stay. I’d love to see them eat their breakfast in a plate and not through a nasogastric tube inserted in their nostrils so the food goes directly to the stomach. I’d love them to be normal and just enjoy being a kid.

The three months I spent in the ICU has been one of the best experiences ever. I learned more about kids. I learned to love them more especially the ill. I learned that they needed me more here than in the Medical, Surgical or Maternity unit. I love it here. I love taking care of them. For the love of kids, I will work harder for you little angels.

I wish I’m still a kid.

Just me. For now.



(L-R) Me and my patient with acute glomerulonephritis, me and my patient after her chemotherapy, my nieces Mariel and Kim last Christmas, my cousin Kyle.