Some people never learn. I try not to be one of them.

Some people needs to understand the term common sense. I’m glad I know how to use it in case of emergency.

Some people thinks its okay to be a bitch. Yes, it is but sometimes we need to grow up and realize that bitching is a skill and not just a “name for yourself”.

Some people don’t understand life. It’s a mystery itself so don’t try figure out.

Some people will never like you. You don’t have to please.

There will always be people who can make you smile. So don’t be sad.

Some people forget that the best things in life are right in front of them. They are looking far beyond so they tend to lose what’s in it for them.

Some people do get tired. The ones who don’t are not human.

Some people will love you more than you expected them to. Treasure those people and never hurt them.

Some people just pass by, but sometimes those people are the ones who teach you life’s greatest secrets.

Some people will grow up and graduate from weekend drinking, partying till dawn, flirting, blaming the world, etc. that’s when we realize that we wasted most of our time for these non-sense when we could’ve done our part making a life full of sense.

It’s not that I’m a coward. It’s not that I’m scared. I understand. And that makes me different from you.:)

Just Me. For Now.