The List: How to make Katt fall for you

My version from Ate Yana’s blog.:)

How to make Kat fall for you:

1. Invite her over dinner and grill some food. She eats almost anything.

2. Make her laugh. She cracks at the corniest joke.

3. Bring her flowers when she least expects it.

4. Appreciate and give compliment in the little things she does.

5. Learn to say “Sorry” and “Thank you”. Those words mean a lot.

6. Be kind to everyone she loves even her dog.

7. Set a DVD marathon day. She loves movies.

8. If you’re not in the medical field, at least learn the basics of medical lingo. It’s a plus point.

9. Never advertise yourself. She sees you. It’s up to her to  buy the product.

10.  Make her laugh and cry at the same time.

11. Don’t treat her like a baby. She has a dad already.

12. Go on nature tripping with her. She loves to explore.

13. In an air-conditioned bus, prepare a sweater for her. Cuddle. She’s sensitive to cold.

14. Buy her books. She loves to read.

15. Join her in The Feast.

16. Plan a photoshoot with her. Be the photographer.

17. Once in a while treat her to a fine dining restaurant.

18. Watch the sunset with her.

19. Bring her to the beach. She loves the waves.

20. Kiss her in the rain. She might as well marry you.

21. Love her and only her.

22. Learn how to deal with her kid cousins, nephews ad nieces. She loves little kids.

23. Give her a foot massage or a back rub.

24. Tell her she’s beautiful even if she looks wasted from work.

25. Wipe her sweat.

26. Kiss her in the forehead or nose.

27. Call her. But never call when she’s supposed to be asleep.

28. Write her a love letter and read it aloud in front of her.

29. She loves conversations over coffee. Make her one while its raining.

30. If she likes you, she smiles and her eyes twinkle, even at the slightest view of you.

31. Wear a scent she’ll never forget.

32. Hold her hand. She knows you are there.

33. Introduce an extreme sport to her. Try bungee jumping together.:)

34. Join her mountaineering club.

35. Travel the world with her.

36. Watch a cheesy movie with her.

37. Teach her how to play basketball or soccer or beat her score in Bookworm.

38. Buy her popcorn and ice cream.

39. Criticize the bad things she does. If she loves you, she will listen. If she doesn’t, she thinks she’s right.

40. Never lie. Never cheat on her. She ran out of second chances so make the first chance the last and make that last worth it.

Just Me. For Now.


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