The List: Random Things About Me

Most people would relate to this entry as top ten, but I’d rather call it “The List” for a change. Since its the first entry in this category, I’d like to introduce myself by listing 10 random things about me. Here it goes….

10. Reading is my first love. In gradeschool, mom used to buy us comics. As early as ten years old I’ve been reading Sidney Sheldon and John Grisham books. I’ve never been a fan of classic novels, but I’m loving it now. Dan Brown nearly changed my faith but I guess the authors of the Bible are way better.:)

9. I have a lot in mind, oftentimes I want to do everything at the same time. I’m a nurse, blogger, tour coordinator, entrepreneur and housemaid (haha!) at the time.

8. I never really loved ball games. I don’t know why. I used to play volleyball in gradeschool but then when I got hit (right on my face!) I had to call it quits. I played baseball in my sophomore year, but when my friend Francis was hit in the face (the bat hit his face…) I also had to call it quits. The only reason I watch basketball is because my cousin JM is playing or my then boyfriend is playing.

7. Writing is something I want to improve in. If reading is first love, writing would be second on the list. Both has been a therapy and one day, maybe one day I might publish my own work.:)

6. I used to sketch in gradeschool. I don’t know what happened to my hands and I just suddenly stopped. I excelled in Mr. Sia’s art class.

5. I’ve only fallen in love twice and both to the wrong person. The first person was to my friend who happens to be with someone else. The second person was okay at first, not so great but okay, but then he cheated on me. (I’ll write about these people soon.:0)

4.I love the rain. Okay…I hate the mud and flood but I love the rain. There is something in the rain that brings me peace.:)

3. Being a nurse gives me a lot of invisible blessings. I get to help people, make them smile and healthy again. I guess the hospital is one of the busiest places where you meet different people, of different color and creed. You learn from these people (doctors, fellow nurses, clients, etc) and these people…they learrn from you too. So better yet teach them something worth remembering.

2. Being a doctor has always been my dream. In gradeschool, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor so I can help sick people especially the poor. This was all I ever wanted and I still hope I can have the initials MD after my name.:)

1. One day I will travel around the world. One day started this year and counting. First stop, PHILIPPINES!

Just Me. For Now.


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