Nakakahiya ka Noynoy!

Yeah, you read the title right. Nakakahiya ka Noynoy! Dalawang araw na akong nagtitimpi sa “bulok na health center” na ad mo. Nakakagigil! Ang sarap mo gisahin sa presidential debate sa UP bukas! Sana lang may magmagandang loob na magbigay ng ticket sa akin. Gigisahin talaga kita dahil sa ad mong yan.

First and foremost Mr. Senator you should know kung ano ang  tungkulin ng mga health centers, bakit ba ipinatayo ang mga health centers sa barangay, anu ba ang goals/visions ng WHO at DOH? And if I refer to your statement “…Sabi nila may bilyon-bilyong piso tayong pondo para sa health insurance at mga bagong ospital, tama mo po. Pero eto nakapila pa rin sa mga bulok na health center ang taong bayan, wala raw pondo…”,  simply suggests that you do not know the policies, visions, goals of our health care agencies. You haven’t done an aggressive research on your speeches/ads.

So, I will give you an idea since you are not aware of it. In 1978 , a conference was held in Alma Ata called the International Conference on Primary Health Care. During that time they realize that there is a “need for action of all governments, all health and development  workers, and the world community to protect and promote the health of all people of the world”. There are many points made, but since I’d like to reiterate the importance of health care center I would discuss only two.


First:  “Governments have the responsibility for the health of their people….the main social target….should be the attainment of all peoples of the world in the year 2000 of a level of health that will permit them to lead a socially and economically productive life. Primary health care is the key to  attaining this target…”

Second: “Primary health care is essential health care based on PRACTICAL, scientifically sound and SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE methods and technology made UNIVERSALLY ACCESSIBLE TO INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES IN THE COMMUNITY thru their full participation and at a COST THE COMMUNITY AND THE COUNTRY CAN AFFORD…

HENCE, the creation of municipal and barangay health center that more accessible and cost efficient for people living in the most rural place possible. (Tuktok ng bundok, tabi ng dagat,etc.)

I’d also like to inform you that there are three levels of prevention (in health,that is). Primary prevention which aims protecting a person from acquiring a disease. This involves counseling, adhering to health care practices and lifestyle changes.  Secondary prevention which aims in early diagnosis of a health problem thru screening, early case finding,etc. Activities under these are teaching the public on breast self exam, early detection of cancer thru its signs and symptoms, newborn screening,etc. Tertiary prevention which is preventing further injury of complication by administering medications, blood products, IV fluids, positioning,etc. Health centers is centered in primary prevention and secondary prevention. Health centers provide babies with vaccination. Remember the years before the Cory administration when Polio and Leprosy was rampant in the country? Thanks to those health care workers in those “bulok” na health centers for educating those people in the barrios about the importance of getting vaccinated. Do  you know why more and more people are diagnosed with cancer at a latter stage when it could have been prevented? Because there are not enough health centers to inform people that we can detect cancer as early if they only knew that hoarseness of voice is one of the common symptoms. Do you know that more and more people are going to mental health institution? Because the community still have this idea that mentally ill people are dangerous and they should be in hospitals when in fact therapeutic communication could’ve helped them recover. Are you even aware of the increasing number of HIV positive Filipinos because nobody thought them the importance of abstinence and use of condom? Health care centers should’ve done these jobs. But thanks to you Mr.Senator more and more Filipinos will have this idea that HEALTH CENTERS ARE BULOK.

In my humble opinion, you should not have stressed how bulok our health centers are but rather made solutions on how we can improve these health centers which are more accessible and affordable to the Filipino because only your kind can go to check ups at those big hospitals in Makati. You should be dealing with our problems now, Mr. Senator not finger pointing other government officials. Why? Have you done something as a senator? Have you passed a law concerning bulok health centers? I DOUBT.

And I’m sorry to tell you Mr.Senator, mas lalong bumaba ang tingin ko sa ‘yo ngayon.



Just Me.For Now.