Dear John

This is a review of the movie Dear John starring Amanda Seyfried and hot, hunky, yummy Channing Tatum. (okay fine…basta HOT xa ever since She’s the Man movie and even better in Stop-Loss and Step Up). I don’t really do movie reviews (at least on this blog) but I figured I really need towrite what’s bugging me since yesterday.

and so wish you were Savannah...

Yesterday, I went out with friends to watch the movie Dear John. A few days before that I bought the book and read it. Half way thru the book I was crying. Maybe because I was in a long distance relationship once, although not as distant as Germany or Iraq and United States. I love the book. It was an awesome love story and more than that it defined what real love means. John Tyree as played by Channing Tatum was an amazing character (in the book at least). He fell in love, stayed in love, let go and moved on after a really really huge heartbreak.  I can never compare the book with the movie itself. The lacked what is supposedly an awesome love story and lessons from long distance relationships. I never really expected Tatum to give justice to the character but it was lamer than I expected or was it the script? The first scene of the movie on the coins was the moment I decided that this is not based from the book. OMG! I spend more than an hour sitting beside my friends wishing I was out there somewhere sipping a cup of latte if not for Channing’s

Why did I say so?

First, the coin represents the relationship between John and his dad. The coin was something they bought during a tour  and it meant a lot because that coin was the only moment they had a picture together. Yes, they didn’t show that in the movie. Dapat nilagay yun kasi yung coin, yung picture at silang dalawa is a substance in the story.

Second, wala letters si John at yung tatay niya. Dapat meron din yun. I guess other than the love story between he and Savannah, the letters of John’s dad brought back the relationship and in a way John was able to understand his dad.

Third, Tim was never married in the book and Allan was his brother. Bakit ganun kulang ba sila ng budget sa actors? Pwede naman ako kunin (kung lalake lang ako.hehe)

Fourth, the first day they made love could’ve been better…but…okay, just read the book.

Fifth, the ending was really bad.

Dear John is a sad love story. But its a great love story. It transformed one person into something really great (like how he described the coin). In the book, hindi sila nagkatuluyan because he let her go but the last few paragraphs of the book was the best and it explains everything.

e kung ganitong mukha lang....pagtitiyagahan ko kahit 24 hrs sa harap ng TV

“I stare at the ranch as the evening settles in. Its the first night of the full moon and for me the memories will come. They always do……For a long time I wait in vain…and when she finally emerges from the house, I feel a strange tingling in my eyes, one I’ve never experience before….She pauses then and crosses her arms, glancing over her shoulder to make sure no one has followed her. Finally, she seems to relax. And then I feel as if I’m witnessing a miracle, as ever slowly she raises her face toward the moon, I watch her drink in the sight, sensing the flood of memories she’s unleashed and wanting nothing more than to let her know I’m here. But instead I stay where I am and watch the moon as well. And for the briefest instant, it almost feels like we’re together again.

-Nicholas Sparks, Dear John

You should read the book, you will surely hate the movie…or the scriptwriter for that matter.:) How can destroy such wonderful love story!!!!waaaahhh

“I love you but it doesn’t mean we have to be together.”ouch