My Three Day Valentine

I spent my Valentine in three different ways. Pre-valentine, Valentine’s day and post Vday.

Pre-Valentine day (February 11, 2010)

I went out with my friend Marc and Jessa. Marc was a my classmate in college and Jessa is one of my dearest friends since God knows when. They are not lovers…for now, that is. A few weeks ago, Marc had this big news for every one (as in like everyone in year 2007 batch) that he just broke up with her girlfriend for three years. It shocked every one including and was like “What happened you jerk!?” was all he heard from us, his friends. But since he won’t tell anyone the reason behind the unexpected turn of events, I figured it must have been a bad break up so I only dared to asked him once and when he gave me no answer, I stopped trying to figure out why. A few days before Valentine’s day I realized he needed some time to relax, chill and make new friends so I found him a date, Jessa. They got together well when we met. They talked and laughed and I think I made him happy that night or maybe I made both of them happy although the movie Dear John wasn’t so good, I think they enjoyed themselves. Me too, free movie tickets and free food and fare is awesome. Thanks to

hot air balloon festival 2010

Yesterday, my brother came from the Hot Air Balloon festival in Clark, Pampanga. I was really jealous future pilots have those opportunities but he did give me a souvenir. Check out the picture below.

from the future pilot of the family

After he handed me the shirt, he also gave me a piece of paper and told me, “Ate, pag-ipunan mo na ang pang-flying ko!” Its about 1.6M++ OMG! Where the hell am I going to get that? I’m wishing dad won’t retire soon.

oh he's excited to fly!

Valentine’s Day

So to thank him for his little gift, I bought him pizza and pasta from Yellow Cab for dinner. We love to eat and I guess its one thing we love to do when we are together aside from watching movies and arguing on things like who’s supposed to wash the dishes because I cooked. Petty little things that make our life happy.:) This is the part two of my Valentine. Eating with my little brother. He’s watching Heroes now. I think he enjoyed my treat.

New York's finest! I lurve Yellow Cab!

Charlie Chan Pasta

Post Valentine (February 15, 2010)

Tomorrow I’m going out with my photohobbyist friends in the Fort for Chester’s Valentine day treat. All the single lady and gentlemen eating out again. In the morning, I’ll be getting my chocolate covered bacon from Erica of HAppy Bacon and that’ll be my treat for them. Arvin and I will also be looking for Sonja’s cupcakes. Our taste buds have been longing for it since last year when we heard about it in Awesome Planet.

So, who says Valentine’s day are for lovers? Yes, I agree but we are all lovers right? Romantic, platonic, etc…whatever kind of loving, we are bound to share LOVE!

Spread the love everyone! Happy Valentine’s day! May you have a good one!

Just Me. For Now.