I said “Whew” It’s Hot in Here

Its only the third week of February and it already feels like summer. In the past years February’s been a cold month, but because of the El Nino phenomenon which started last December its becoming warmer and warmer each day. One advantage, I’d be getting used to this weather when I finally set my feet on the Kingdom but other than that there aren’t really good benefits.

I wonder if I'll ever see green in the Kingdom??

For the last week few days, I’ve seen people on the news who are getting mad because of the traffic jam along EDSA and the hot weather. I heard the news on the one who did the counterflow and the one who tore down some side mirrors when a driver said he can’t pay for the damages of the car he ran into. The heat is on, even on the road. Well maybe partly due to the summer heat, though we can’t blame it solely on that, many drivers are still can’t act like real drivers when on the road. Most of us lose our patience as fast as the lightning and what more if you add the heat, noise, your tummy aching and the long line of cars along EDSA, who stays cool? I bet, no one especially when you’re just a minute away from your house and the traffic jam in the Santolan-Evangelista St. sucks big time.

About three days ago when I got our electricity bill from Meralco I wasn’t surprised with the Php1400+ amount to be paid. I usually pay about Php800-1000 during the cool months but come summer expect a bill lower than 2k. Aside from the laptop and PC that is open for almost 16 hours a day, the 4 to 6 hours use of aircon adds to the bill. Its been really hot these days and even our electric fans should be turned 2 or 3 to lessen the heat.

Bills, bills, bills

Since the ozone layer has been thinning every year ever since God knows when, the green house effect has really taking its toll. I guess this has been one of the reasons other than the El Nino phenomenon why its getting hotter than usual. Wildfires, heat strokes, car accidents, low crop production, no water for irrigation, alarming water levels on dams, decreased water supply are only few effects this dry season. So how do we take part in making this planet a little cooler?


We plant more trees. We conserve water and energy (in every way possible). We stop burning plastics and using products with CFC’s. We stop using coal. (I remember the protesters I saw from dad’s ship last year. There a group of Green Peace protesters talking to the port authorities and the master of the ship about their cargo which was coal. Kudos to the protesters for fighting for the environment.) Join organizations like World Wide Fund or Green Peace, learn more and spread the word. It helps to get educated. Visit an environmental sanctuary like La Mesa EcoPark or Palawan, and ponder on things, think about your future kids..”Would you like them to see such beauty in the next 5, 10 or 50 years?”

I still want this kiddo to see how beautiful it is to live on earth.:)

Uhm….What else, that’s all I can’t think of now. I need a cold glass of water to drink. It’s really hot in here! Oh! I have to conserve energy and turn off this laptop now.:(

Just Me. For Now.