The List:Dance Videos (1)

Last year my friends from Facebook flooded my wall with a lot videos ranging from Vice Ganda, Jessabelle, funny videos, and the best of all dance interpretation videos. I’ve always been a fan of hiphop dancing and the freestyle thing. I just don’t how you call that. Once in my life I wanted to be a dancer but since I have two left feet all I had to do was watch my nieces, nephews, my friends, Gio Gahol, Haidee and Marc in college, PJ, Darwin and Terence in high school or these dance videos on the internet to satisfy my craving for hip hop dance.

The video below is a dance interpretation of Leona Lewis’ Bleeding love. I guess it got most number of view among the videos I’ll be posting. This is not my personal favorite but I do love the choreo still.

Below is a dance video of Jordin Sparks’ No Air. Enjoy! One thing I love in this video is the act in 0:53-0:54. It was just…I wanna do that!Darn

The latest is this one. Jason Derulo’s Whatcha Say. I can’t paste it in WordPress.:( Just Check out this link in Facebook because the video from youtube is muted.:(

And my personal favorite. Ne-yo’s Mad.