The List:Epic Fail of the Month (February)

Since I’ve been loving FAIL BLOGS and been laughing my ass off for days I’d like to share with you my favorites. And from now on, I’d like to share it with you. Everything on The List of Fail Blog comes from and Thanks for the photos! You make my day.:)

5. Make sure on one captures this next time you do that!

Pa-simple pa!LOL Say cheese!

4. Next time you take this photo, please do it outside your room or keep the stuffed toys away first.

LMAO. may kilala akong ganito!

3. I just LURVE this!

At first look I thought it was Photoshoped!

2. Magpalusot ka pa!hahaha

1. Winner!Trulalu!lol


There you go. My top 5 EPIC FAIL of the week.:)

All photos courtesy of and 🙂

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