The Search for the Happy Bacon

Ever since I’ve subscribed to Mr. Anton Diaz’ blog called Our Awesome Planet, I’ve been trying out almost everything on the blog. Last year, I learned about the Happy Bacon by Erica Paredes from OAP and When in Manila during the Ultimate Taste Test. I sent an email to Erica but received no reply (that’s sad coz I really wanted to try it that time) but then while I was scrolling through my timeline in Twitter one day, I saw Jim Paredes’ post and was totally thankful for finding the Happy Bacon again. It never came to my mind that Erica was Jim Paredes’ daughther (I suppose). So, because of my will to taste that chocolate covered bacon, I sent another email to Erica and Voila! She replied! Two days after I ordered, I picked it up in Loyola Heights and when I got home I immediately took pictures of it and finally the best part–I got to taste it after a year!haha

I had a hard time looking for Erica’s house. When I finally found it, I was totally ecstatic and excited more than ever like a five year old child waiting for the cotton candy to be handed to her. Right then and there I wanted to take a bite but then I wanted to take photos of it first (because I’m actually planning to start a food blog). The piggy stardust in enclosed in a brown paper like the ones used in pandesal and another white paper bag.

the package:D

I thought the 150g was like a But it was way smaller ( I just think too big!). It actually look like the usual chocolates but in irregular shapes. The chocolate covering is not too sweet or bitter, I just don’t know what chocolate was used, but I do know its not the dark and very dark chocolate.:)

it's chocolate covered

The bacon was crispy and “toasted” which I really like. Its not too salty like the ones you cook without the chocolate or maybe it just goes really well with the chocolate coating.

one word:HEAVEN!

Its one thing I’d really love to eat after a meal or when I just want something to munch while writing on my blog or watching a movie. My brother loved it. I LUURRRVVE it too except that its a bit too pricey (but given the ingredients used, it would really be expensive) but then I’d say its worth the price. I would like to try the truffles next time. Hope I can get a discount for big orders.:)

Just Me. For Now.


If you want to order here is the site:

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