The Heat is On! Its Summer!

Its the second day of March (I was thinking its the first day actually) and its officially summer in the Philippines (according to me)! Yehey! One of the best seasons (teka lang dalawa lang naman ang season sa Pilipinas ah?) for me. Here’s my list why.

1. Vacation. No classes for students. A week or less off from work if employed. This is just awesome, taking a rest from the busy metro life and just relaxing, sleeping all day or malling.


2. Beach. Need I say more?

3. Reunions. Summer, aside from Christmas, is where we plan most of our reunions either with family, former schoolmates or colleagues. This summer I’d definitely have more than two summer outings. Two beach camps with two different sets of friends and of course the countless family beach trips for sure.

4. Grilled food, night camps and bonfire. Add this with number two and its a perfect summer already.

5. Sun glasses, sun block, tan (I’m tanned already!lol), bikini, sundress, kapiz shell earrings, flipflops, floral/hawaiian prints, straw hats and bags=FASHION.

6. Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Halo-halo, Sundae, Ice cold beer/water. To get a Php500 worth of GC from Red Mango vote for your choice between ICE CREAM or FROZEN YOGURT. (click here to join:

7. Hot guys with flat/6pack abs, gorgeous tan, broad shoulders and surf boards.:)) and a summer fling perhaps? or maybe a serious relationship would be better.:)

8. Smile and laughter I see when I’m with my kid cousins, nephews or nieces are totally priceless.:)

9. Fruit Fest! Its the season of watermelons (my favorite), mangoes, melons, corn (that’s not a fruit), and we get to eat pomelo from the grandpa’s yard.

10. DVD Marathons. The thing I’d love to do all day if I’m not out on the beach, buy lots of DVD from Quiapo and watch a full season of Grey’s Anatomy with junk food and soda on your side.

11. Roadtrips  with my brother are totally awesome especially when the speedometer reaches 150kph on the hi-way. Talk about RRRRRuuuuusssshhh!

hit the 150 come on!!!

12. Great music while on the roadtrip. I don’t care about singing even that annoying Pinoy rap song. Just sing a long with it and have fun.

13. Photographs. Lots of them. It’d be lovelier if your 5 year old niece is taking it for u.:)

14. Reading a book from Sophie Kinsella or Meg Cabot and care about being girly girl again.

15. Watching sunset with someone you just met, telling your story and enjoying a beer later.

Sunset are not for goodbyes

Why do you love summer? Let me know.

Just Me. For Now.