I am the queen of the world!

“I am the queen of the world!” is what Katherine Bigelow screaming right now after he beat his ex-husband James Cameron for the title of Best Director and Best Picture and four other Oscar awards for the movie Hurt Locker.

Suck it James!lol

My bet for best film was Inglourious Basterds or Hurt Locker. I dunno what’s with war movies but I just love them.Maybe because I grew up with people (dad, grandpa, my brother, cousins, uncles) almost watching them every week that’s why I learned to love them too. Bigelow deserves the award though.


And UP really did a great job in the Oscars too. I just wished I also had the chance to watch the other animated movies just so I can compare them.

its a BINGO!!!!

And Christoph Waltz—>I feckin love yo basterd!lol Sandra Bullock got her first Oscar award too. Her speech made me cry.:( I wish I did watch her in the Blind Side.

And tomorrow for sure,I’ll be looking for copies of Julie and Julia, Precious, The Blind Side,Up in the Air and other films which were nominated.

PS. I never really liked Avatar (though I loved the special effects).I think its an overrated film like the Transformers and the fcuking Twilight series.

Congratulations! esp to the independent films! I wish they could show more of those films in the Philippines and our own independent films in other countries!:)

Just Me.For Now.