And let the doodle begin!

Last Monday I was looking for my charcoal pencils because I’m been getting jealous on the art works posts on my Tumblr dash. So started looking for my pencils but my sketch pad was nowhere to be found. I’m buying a new one today so that I can really start with sketching again.

Coincidentally, just yesterday doodles spammed my dashboard again and I learned about Mr. Doob’s site. It’s an application much like Paint in Windows where you can doodle and do almost anything you want to make a great piece of art. I tried it and now I can’t get enough of it. It was addicting like chocolates. Good thing is its easier to use (for me though) and the “brushes” are awesome. One thing I don’t like though was there is no UNDO button. So if I press CLEAR everything goes back to the white background again. I hope the application will have more features soon like a colors maybe coz its just black right now.

So here are few of my doodles.:)






Bear with me. I can’t stop

You can try doing it yourself in:

Just play with it and beauty comes out naturally.:)

Just Me. For Now.