The Addiction to Mr.Doob

Before I go to sleep I wanted to post again some things I did today. Mr.Doob’s doodling application is really addicting. Hell, its like my coke/vicodin/ecstasy/whatever-addictive-drug-the-is eversince yesterday. A couple of hours ago, I was practicing on one paint stroke to another and made some abstract and a few funny faces.

Again, bear with me for the second post today. I just can’t stop it!LMAO This is the one thing that tickles my fancy.

Enjoy! or Get bored and mad at me. Whatever.

Looks like stained glass to me

I used CHROME here, played with different strokes. At first I started creating stars then I tried making a really big circle (the one in the center) to see if I can make a big star. Well, I didn’t. I end up creating a stained glass effect which I think way better than the stars beforehand.


I used SKETCH in this one. I guess its my favorite “brush” at the moment. At first I just played with the petals in circular motion then I realized it looked like a rose, so I tried doing it again and Voila! But the leaves suck (Yah I know, those are not rose

and it became GLORIA the anime!

I was supposed to draw Eugene of Ghost Fighter here but I’m still having a hard time choosing the right brushes. I love the eye near the mole but this is basically a fail art.arrrgh but I still posted it because my little brother said so. Hope I can make better faces next time.

I’m loving CHROME and SKETCH for now. I’ll have to practice more on the other strokes later tomorrow.

Have a blessed Sunday and sorry for the doodle spam in my blog.:)

Just Me. For Now.