Birthday Wishes

After watching Coraline (which sadly I didn’t finish because of a really *&$% video hosting site) I wanted to buy the book. I never read a Neil Gaiman book before but everyone is telling me that he is one of the best writers today. I also watched Stardust some years ago but I never really had time to buy his books. I was busy with school then and NCLEX review so the only books I read last year were my reviewers and some other nursing books. I read a few short novels from Bob Ong but other than that I never really got to read good books. Good thing Elmer lend me some great books to read for January. Since its my birthday in a few days, I’m planning on starting to buy and read (finally!) Gaiman books. About two days ago, I tweeted that I wanted Coraline as a gift for my birthday. My cousin Con lend me the book so I guess I’m buying American Gods, Sandman or Stardust tomorrow instead. I started reading Coraline last night after finishing the what-was-Meyer-thinking-when-she-was-writing-Eclipse book. Sorry Twilight fans, I had to read it so I can understand why you there is a Team Edward and Team Jacob. I’d rather have Team I bet he’s hotter than those two, given the physique he has.

Aside from the Gaiman books, I was looking for the Peter Jackson series in a bookstore about 3 hours ago but it was already out of stock. Whaaaat? Are you kidding me? I haven’t watched the movie because I don’t have someone to watch with me. Little brother is too busy with school because its finals and my friends are quite busy at work and my boyfriend is still missing until now. (Find me I was planning to just borrow Arvin’s but I think he’s enjoying too much coz he’s now on the third book (in a month) so I guess I’m probably buying it because it sounds like a great book too.

Anyway, so for my birthday its gonna be a BOOK DAY. I’m buying a Gaiman (maybe 2 books), Peter Jackson (books 1 and 2) and a Coelho. Whew! I guess I’m splurging on books for my birthday and maybe a really fine dining experience in Cyma or Chef’s Table. Whatever. I still can’t decide on the dinner thing. And I’m still thinking of friends whom I’ll invite. I’m getting too excited.arrgh And this is really been the first time I’m writing on things I wanted for my birthday so I do hope I’ll get the wishes.:)

Just Me. For Now.