Goin’ Crazy over Nail Paints

I always loved painting my nails or getting someone paint for me. There was one time when I get to change nail color almost everyday with all shades of blue. I love the shade of blue on my nails, I think it looks really pretty even without the nail art (stickers,flowers,etc).

Since I began tumbling in Tumblr I’ve seen some really pretty nail paints and art and I want to share some of my favorites.

First, let’s go with the plain colors. The nails without the “art” but still look pretty. I think these are the classics.:)


This silver gray nail paint is looks really pretty. I’ll try this one when I find a silver paint as dark as these.:)

Red and Blue

Blue and red are definitely my favorite nail colors. They are just WOW even without the effort adding some art.:)


I was never really a fan of glittery nails but this one makes it on the list.:)

Dark Blue

The classic dark blue. Looks black from afar.

And now let’s look at some combinations. Silver and White, Blue and Black, Purple and Silver, etc.:)

Light Silver

This silver and white nail art is perfect for wedding days. Leave the classic French tip behind and go for this instead. Or maybe you can wear this at the disco.lol

Black and Glitters

Punk stars can make better nail paints by adding glitters on the tip!:)

Purple and Silver

Purple and silver! Need I say more? I’d love to try these on my nails. And the moon and stars makes it even prettier.:)

Yellow and Black

I always loved yellow. But I never really had yellow nail paints and I guess it’ll look awful on my fingers. I still posted this because you might wanna try it for yourself.:)

Turquiose and Black

Isn’t it pretty?

Now let’s take a look at the more unique and maybe complicated designs.


Do they wear this in the army? It would really be great! Ten hut!


Nothing beats a colorful nail art.:)

Eye Candy

And this one looks yummy.

Animal Prints

This looks good too.


Pretty nails and Pretty earrings. Perfect combination.

So next you go to the salon and have your nails painted why not try one of these? Or just buy some nail art stuff and do it yourself. But I can’t do the latter, I’m still not good in painting my nails on my right hand. I’ll let Ching do it for me.:)

Disclaimer: I don’t own the photos on this post. If you own them and don’t want it featured here please send me an email and I’ll delete it right away.:) If you want it featured here, send me an email and I’ll give you credits.:)

Have a happy nail painting/nail art week.:)

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Just Me. For Now.