The List:Epic Fail of the Month (March)

It’s March and although I promised to post Epic Fails every week, I FAILED.  I’ve been quite busy in Tumblr and forgot to  post.:( Sorry.  I think I’m making this list every month from now on. All the pictures come from and you can visit their site for more FAILs. I post in here my favorite for the month.

So where will I dance?

Me thinks this Volvo belongs to the sparkling vampire named Edward Cullen.:) (Peace sign to Twilight fans)

Hey mom! Mom!!!!

This is called privacy.

It’s called Failbooking for a reason. Oh! I remember just this week something happened to my friend similar to this…and I’m dying right now.LMAO

There you have it. The list of my EPIC Fail Photos this March.

Just Me. For Now.