I’m a self proclaimed demigod

There are at least three posts on my draft and I can’t finish it up. I think I have ADHD like Percy Jackson. Maybe I’m a demigod too. Percy could be my brother. Oh! That would be cool! I wonder how Poseidon’s daughter would look like. At least I can wear a bikini if I’m a daughter of the God of Sea and I can spend all day at the beach and watch hot surfer dudes climb the waves. Ahh! In my dreams. But I really I have something wrong going on with my mind. Or some brain trick maybe.

First, I can’t focus on one activity. Well, that’s been my problem for the last 24 years. I wanted to do everything. Yesterday when I was with my mom in the hospital I told her, “Mom, I think I want to study again. Medicine?” And she looked at me with a puzzled smile but in the end she told me, “That’s great!” And then my neurons kept firing and I’m receiving again numerous data which made me say, “But I wanted to go to Johns Hopkins. You’ll afford that right?” She she shrugged her shoulders and said, “No. You come back here so your dad can afford it.” Arrrgh.

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a surgeon. Yes, surgeon. I love blood. I grew up watching gory action movies and doctors doing CPR. I thought it was cool then. But since I can focus on one ambition or activity, I ended up being a nurse. In high school I wanted to be a journalist or an interior designer. But when I signed up in college I choose a nursing school and I ended up being unemployed. So I was thinking if I took up maybe Journalism,Literature or Interior Design will I still be unemployed? Any thoughts on this?

Then after college I envy HRM students who had good employers and good enough pay like my cousin then I wanted to take Culinary Arts while waiting for calls. But Culinary Arts is too much and they won’t let me anyway so I ended up dreaming of becoming a photographer after a friend’s influence. I came to love the world of art again. But up to this day I still can’t find my forte. Me sucks on things like these.:(

Second, I think I’m having problems with my eyes. Or is it just the computer? When I enter letters (you know the thing you do to avoid spams) I end up typing the wrong ones and sometimes I have to do it three times to get it correct. I think its really hard to read the letters though. Maybe I’m dyslexic again. Like Percy Jackson. Just wishing! Gods hear me!LOL

Another problem with my eye (or maybe with my brain) is I skip in reading words. I don’t know how I do it. But I end up re-reading a paragraph or two because something is wrong or missing. Or maybe I just need a new pair of glasses.

Third, I dream of weird things. Last February I dreamed about flying with Peter Petrelli. Awesome! And some other weird things about the cast of Heroes, the characters in Percy Jackson books and even Harry Potter and Edward Cullen. I can’t remember my dreams last night but it was something about Percy and the doctor guy from my previous job. I think I’m dreaming too much because I’ve been stuck up in watching fantasies and reading fantasies.

And now I’m still daydreaming about being a demigod. That would be really cool. I watched like half of the movie Percy Jackson and hated the idea that I always have to read the book before watching if the movie is based on a book. The movie ruins everything when I get to read it first. But I’m about to finish the third book now and I’m hoping they’ll make a better movie for the Book Two. Books are really way better, but changing the plot and all is a disaster. Screenwriters should bear that in mind. Like the thing they did to Dear John.:(

Ugh. Okay so I wanted to be writer again…and a chef, interior designer, wedding planner, nurse, surgeon, entrepreneur or maybe I can just have some online business and travel around the world.

I like a lot of stuff. I think favorite is not in my vocabulary.arrrgghh

So, which is cooler a demigod or a wizard? Never mind the sparkling vampires.

This is not good. I think I eat too much Nutella.

Just Me. For Now.