My summer will start tomorrow

I usually spend my summers in Ilocos. Go to the beach, enjoy the BBQ and bonfire and take a lot of pictures. I didn’t go to the beach when I went home to Ilocos this Holy Week. I did but I didn’t swim and do the usual stuff. I just went to see the beach. I didn’t even plan to get a tan because I know when I go home after this Anawangin tour I will have a really nice tan.

My summer will officially start tomorrow, or should I say later this evening when me and my friends will board the bus for Zambales. BBQ, bonfires, island hopping and beach is what summer is all about, that too, will start tomorrow. I’m really excited for this trip. I’m used to organizing tours but I put my heart on this one since it “might” be my last summer in the Philippines. I don’t know for sure when I’ll be back. It is also spent with my best buds in college. So, it’ll be pretty fun1:)

I got tired arranging our schedules, buying tickets and my food but I hope the exhaustion will go away later. It’s almost seven in the evening but I still haven’t packed my bag, prepared the things I’ll bring and I haven’t cooked dinner. arrrgghh I’ll start doing that in a few minutes.

I’m excited. Really. I will post our pics, itinerary and the rest of the plans when I come back.

Just Me. For Now.