I Think I’m Close to 130

I’m getting fat. Late last year when I checked on my weight I was a hundred and twenty three pounds. When I had my medical exam I was a hundred and twenty seven. At present, I’m I think I’m about a hundred and thirty and I’m afraid to even step into the bathroom scale to confirm it. It sucks. I love to eat. I hate exercise. I can see my face is really round and I can’t do the reach-you-toes bend anymore. This is not a good sign.

Since December last year, I’ve been munching on chocolates. Please don’t give me chocolates anymore. I love them but I really need to be healthy now. I love to cook. I make really good dishes and I end up eating more than I’m supposed to. I skipped pork and beef for since January but I still eat a lot of sweets, so that’s another problem. Add to the list pizza and pasta which for sure I can’t really resist. It’s really okay to eat a lot (sometimes) but I end up staying in front of my laptop for hours watching movies or surfing the net or reading books while munching on potato chips when I should’ve burned those calories by jogging at the Sunken Garden in UP Diliman or Marikina Riverside.  I hate exercise. I think it makes me sicker. I’ve been planning to enroll on a gym class but all I have is plans. I’ve been asking my little brother to come join me in running but he won’t and would rather play DOTA all day.

I need some discipline to make things right. So today I’m making a goal. On Monday I will start jogging in UP with or without my brother. I will sleep early so I can be there earlier and avoid the heat of the sun. I will jog five days a week for 1 to 2 hours.  I want to try cycling in La Mesa too. I don’t have my own bicycle so I guess I’ll rent one there. I”ll stop eating chocolates (even Milo). I will eat only half cup of rice. I will avoid pizza and pasta for a while.

Hello green salad, fruits and grilled food.

Goodbye everything delicious!

Just Me. For Now.