Good News Means Goodbyes

Yesterday I received the best news ever for my career this 2010. I already have my visa for Saudi and any time soon (when I have my ticket on hand) I’d be flying to the Kingdom. I was excited at first. I applied for it some time in January and I finally have it now. It was an amazing feeling since I’ve been a bum for the last three or four months (that’s why I think I’m now 130 pounds) and now I get to do the things I do best-being a nurse. I do love being a nurse aside from writing and capturing memories but being a nurse in Saudi means goodbye to many things I love.

I’m having my PDOS (Pre-departure orientation seminar) later and most probably I’ll get to hear information on Saudi with all the DO’s and DONT’s. I for sure know that I won’t be eating pork for the next two years. I won’t be watching a movie in a theatre which makes me really sad because I love movies. I’m not sure if I’ll a decent internet connection there so I can watch it online. I won’t have a sip of my favorite green apple vodka for two years. As Ate Kath told me, “It’s like taking Liveraide without the Liveraide!” but I think that’d good news for me. I’ll have to wear abaya under the heat of the sun. And many other things (I’ll share more of them after my seminar).

These things make me sad. But I have to do it because I don’t believe the next Philippine president can give me the salary I deserve. Sorry but its definitely the truth. Anyone who don’t agree with me is a total ass. Just kidding. I know that being a nurse is a noble job, its more of a vocation and we do deserve good compensations and benefits and everything else. We save lives people, we don’t just sit around for nine years and pass zero laws. (ahem, this is becoming

Anyway, one thing I’d really miss is my family and friends and my colleagues. Leaving the best people around could be the worst, but still I don’t have a choice. I need to grow career wise. I wont be able to watch the Philippine Fashion Week too which makes me really sad because I promised Kuya June I’d be there when his creation is on the ramp. I’m planning to give away my ticket/pass when I get it before I leave. Maybe a contest style? Like the ones from other blogs when you get gift checks by telling me why you deserve the ticket and all. What do you think? But I’m still consulting him if that’s possible and if I won’t break PFW rules. Let’s pray it would be okay.:)

On the lighter side, I’d be dealing with a different race and culture and that makes it exciting. I think that was in my 7 dreams. I ‘d get to eat foods I’ve never eaten. And maybe learn Arabic. And of course, gain new friends.:)

I’d be posting application processes, the things I passed, things to do, how to get a passport, choose an agency etc. when I have time. And how to avoid illegal recruiters.:) I think this will help a lot nurses who are planning to go abroad too.:)

Just Me. For Now.