Goin’ Crazy over Nail Arts 

Since the previous nail art post is gaining popularity according to WordPress’ statistics, I’d like to share another set of beautiful nail arts with the theme:PLAID, STRIPES, CARTOON CHARACTERS and SIMPLE-YET-PRETTY.

Plaid is recently a fashion statement. So to complement your sense of style here are some ideas to made plaid nail arts. I don’t own the pictures nor did I painted the nails. It’s from numerous sources in Tumblr. If the picture happens to be yours, please email me so I can give proper credits. Here are my favorites.

Imagine the nail paint without the PLAID nail art design. It would be really boring. I also notice that you don’t have to overdo it or putting designs on all nails. In most pictures I’ve seen, usual designs are on the thumb and ring finger. At the most two fingers with designs and the rest with plain nail paint.:)

Like this one. She used like three designs on three nails but it’s still not over decorated because of the simple paint.:) Blue looks really cool for me, add to that the checkered print.:)

This one is a simple stripes/lines versions. Its easier to do it with a little practice using nail art brushes or if you don’t have one, toothpick is recommended.

This chain design is one of the most unique I’ve seen so far. Simple yet elegant. Definitely for rock chics.:)

How about spider designs? I think this one is a bit tricky to do. But nonetheless it’s pretty.

Bows are also in. I think the bows are more of a sticker.

Yes! It’s a POKEMON nail art!

Sponge Bob it is!

Simple yet pretty!

This is I’m gonna try!

Or try some fruity treat.:)

Hope you enjoyed looking at these nails. I bet you got some ideas and you’re about to plan how your next nail art design should look like.:) Share with me if you happen to have some.:

Just Me. For Now.