The Apocalypse Is On Monday

No. It’s not that thing on the Bible. Its the first ever automated election in the Philippines. Just days before the said election, PCOS machines are dysfunctional, politicians are mudslinging to the highest level and I think almost everyone is excited, angry, going crazy and some almost lost their hopes for an honest, peaceful and fair election. Whatever Monday brings, it’ll be the first 6 wonderful years of Philippines as a nation or the beginning of apocalypse which would mean another six years of corruption, lies, blaming-each-other, etc.

I’m making this last minute blog because I’m going home to Ilocos at 10:30 and since there’s no wifi on the bus, I have to post this before riding the cab (which is in about 30 minutes). I finally found my precinct number and that would’ve make it easier rather than roaming around MMES (the school where I’ll be voting). Thanks to the COMELEC.

We need to have this all the time. God, every one needs to be techie these days. I think technology is really a must these days. I’d really love to have those national ID’s when I get back.

So going back, I won’t ask you vote for someone. Just do some research on your probable candidates, listen to forums and debates, analyze interviews. Well, you should have done that way back, but its never too late. If  you can’t decide, pray for guidance (Naman teh, religious ang dating!). Vote for your bet. Vote for who you think is going to help us make the Philippines progressive, who stands by the truth, the one who’ll give us jobs, cheaper medicines, food, who you believe will not be corrupt (or should I say would be less corrupt) for the next six years the one who’ll fight for our rights. Vote for who you think is right and don’t let them (those against you candidate) discourage you. It’s your choice, not theirs. Awayin ka nila kung hindi naging magaling na lider ang binoto mo, but not now. And as respect, let them vote for their candidates.

On Monday we are going to make history. Let’s exercise our right. Let’s use our brains not our emotions. Let’s open our eyes to change. Let’s make this as one nation, one PHILIPPINES, one WORLD.:) Let’s not start the apocalypse on Monday. May it be like a day after the 40 days and 40 nights of non-stop rain.:) We need change, but in order to do that let’s get our hands together, unite and vote!

Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Mabuhay tayong lahat!

(O, pwede na punitin ang sedula.chos!)

Just Me. For Now.