Of Bests and Worsts

Its another night when I get my neurons firing up at great speed that I had to write down something. Just something. It doesn’t have to a great entry, the things you call gusto-ko-lang-magsulat-ngayon-bahala-na.


This afternoon, I saw and heard a politician cursing (like really uttering the word son of a bitch) on national TV. He is one heck of a guy. I guess it has something to do with the temperature in Manila which went up to 37.3. I officially declare that Philippines is slightly febrile. I’m actually waiting for Mar Roxas to do what Teddy Locsin did. I’d love to hear that over and over.


Truth is, if you lose the election they tampered the ballots, PCOS machines’ clock is not working, the transmission was a mess, blame Smartmatic. But if you win, it was definitely a clean and honest election. Remember what the yellow president used to tell us? “Magkakaroon ng people power pag natalo tayo.” Duh?! I wonder if he lost right now, I bet the yellow army is in EDSA again, hungry and all sweaty. Lito Atienza should really get a life and move on. And that alias Robin guy should get his facts straight.


I hate GM messages. I hate you even more if you text me a lot of love quotes (which actually doesn’t help anyone’s love life). And I hate you the best if you text me every hour with a love quote. I really hate you right now. I just don’t know how to block your number so I can’t hear from you again.


I hate guys greeting me with “Dandang umaga.” I don’t need to explain this. Seriously, you are the basketball team captain and you text like a jejemon. Go get a life or just go shoot that ball and score.


I really love the combination of humor and horror in the TV series Supernatural. Don’t ask me why. Go buy a DVD in Quiapo and see for yourself. I love the bromance of Jensen and Jared. I’m in season three right now, I’ll finish it later before I go to bed. And yes, I totally agree that they are the hottest ghost busters in the universe.


So, will you still watch Transformers 3 without Megan Fox? Of course I will! There’d still be Shia Lebouf and Josh Duhamel which are way hotter.lol I don’t dig girls that’s why. Elmer probably won’t, she thinks Megan is the hottest chic in the planet. He probably won’t enjoy the movie anyway.


I listened to Chico and Delamar this morning. I wake up late almost everyday so I can’t really listen to The Morning Rush but then I suddenly missed them this morning and I’m glad to say they are still the best DJs in town. I really love their tandem and their topics and the rushers.


I cooked seafood kare-kare for dinner. My brother was laughing like hell when he saw it. It doesn’t look like kare-kare at all.  Mom cooks the best kare-kare ever. I miss home already.


Looking for a new place is quite hard. Mom’s been bugging me for days “How’d the viewing go?” “Maganda ba yung house?” “Kuha kayo ng may garage.” Yes mom. We know. We’ll choose the best for us, after all you’re leaving for US. We will live in that house, not you and dad.


I’ve been dreaming of Mike for the last two days.

I don’t miss him.

I really don’t.

But maybe subconsciously I miss him.

But I guess I really don’t.

Honestly, I won’t apologize for a really bad break up, not because it wasn’t my fault but because as Jlo would sing…“All my pride is all I have.” Yes. Its deadly. Pride is deadly but its all I have, so deal with it I won’t say sorry.

The last place we spent quality time together

Just Me. For Now.