The Narcissistic Love Letter to Mom and Dad

The other day my cousin Maricon asked me if I could write a letter to mom and dad because they are attending “marriage encounter”. I’ve heard of marriage encounter before but I never really got curious what happens when you attend one. And so I made a narcissistic love letter to them and here it goes…

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m from night duty and I only had 3 hours of sleep so bear with me if you will not receive a nice,decent letter. I’m writing this one while I’m preparing for my morning duty. Since, I wasn’t able to write last night because I was quite busy thinking of what will happen the next day (today) because I wasn’t able to throw away the suction when my patient was transferred. They make a big deal about it. To them (Swapna is the name) its like bashing Noynoy Aquino. Anyway, forget about them its you who are reading this letter.

Its almost two months since I left. And in the almost two months that I’ve been here, I’ve been missing you everyday. I’ve been thinking of what could have been if I didn’t choose to go here and just wait for my visa. Of course, if I stayed there I would have been staying at home, maybe I’d be present and reading this letter to you in your marriage encounter, maybe the visa still hasn’t arrived or maybe I’d have work again (they are hiring at QMMC, the head nurse just sent me a message in Facebook). But lets not think of the what-could-have-been instead let’s see what happened and what I learned when I went here.
a. I learned to fly. ALONE and it was scary. Of course I met friends at the airport but staying at the airport for like three hours waiting for our employer’s driver to arrive is like hell. Tapos kasama mo pa yung mga katulong, feeling mo tuloy fake ang agency mo.hahaha
b. I saw a vast desert. Hindi na pang Suba Sand Dunes na lang. Disyerto ito sis! At ang temperature umaatikabong 45-50degrees!WINNER!
c. I learned to eat noodles and cereals in the morning for the last two months. I learned to eat beef almost everyday. Don’t worry as of today, I haven’t gained a pound.
d. I learned to sleep with strangers around. I learned to sleep then wake up around 1am just to listen to the person from the other room to chat. I learned that I can’t just make a sound because I now have a room mate.
e. I learned to wash my clothes every other day, because I only have two scrubsuits. Sobrang gastos sa sabon.
f. I learned that kabsa (arabic rice) is eaten with your fingers, and we eat with our fingers in the ICU.hahaha
g. I learned that I am our boss’ favorite. At lahat sila nagseselos, bakit ako na daw ang paborito. I am lucky and as of today hindi pa naman lumalaki ang ulo ko.hehe
h. I learned a lot new things in the ICU, I learned to handle the equipments not known to me, I learned more about a patient’s diagnosis. I worked in the Pedia ICU which has another way of managing patients. It was the hardest adjustment I guess.
i. I also learned same old things like you can never please every one, there will always be people who won’t like you,there are demanding patients, there will always be criticisms but the best part is you learn from the lessons and mistakes and never do it again.
j. and most especially I’m learning Arabic!

So these are the things I’ve become since I stepped my foot in Saudi. There are a lot more but i don’t have enough time to enumerate. I’m wondering now why I even listed this in my letter.

YES, I just want you to know that you should be PROUD of me.hahaha I am officially independent!:) No more “Ma, paload ako. Daddy pabili ng ganito” You should be proud because you raised me well. You taught me to be strong when I have problems bigger than my brain can handle, you taught me to fight for my rights and be assertive, you taught me that we have a God somewhere who will always be listening to every comment, good or bad. ANd you should be proud too because YOU DID A GREAT JOB RAISING ME, RAISING US NI RON.

I really don’t know what this marriage encounter is about. But I’d to let you know that you have the best marriage in the world, you have the best family in the world and you have the prettiest daughter in the world,hahaha. May you have more years of always and forever. May you stay happy together until you have your grandchildren. and please don’t get tired of US. WE love u you know that, ROn is just tamad to make a letter.hehehe

God Bless! Hope you encountered God today.

Kat and Ron

Ron is my baby brother. He’s 22 but I still call him baby, he will always be. I miss you tae! And by the way, I talked more about my self in here rather than about their marriage. This is what I call toxicity brought about by the graveyard shift.

Just Me. For Now.