Basta Kalbo, Gwapo!

Wala akong maisip isulat. Nasa draft pa rin kasi ung sequel ng When You’re Looking for Greener Pasture ko. Ilang buwan na rin siguro yun, di ko lang feel tapusin. Pero dahil gusto ko mag-update ng blog, gagawa na lang din ako ng aking pantasya sa buhay.hahaha Aminin na natin hot talaga ang mga kalbo. Hindi yung kalbong nakakalbo ha, yung kalbong skin head (un ba ang term dun?). Hindi ko alam kung anong meron sa kanila pero pag nakakakita ako ng kalbo ang lakas talaga ng dating. Yung kahit hindi mo pa nakikita yung mukha, pag kalbo at nakatalikod at dagdagan pa ng machong katawan eh feeling mo super gwapo na! Siguro laglag na lang panty mo pag lumingon siya at tama nga ang hinala mo. Una kong crush na kalbo si Keanu Reeves. Bata pa ako nung napanood ko ang Speed. At ilang beses ko pinanood ang Speed dahil kay Jack Traven na character ni Keanu sa movie na yun. Ginagaya ko pa yan dati ng pagsabi niya ng “Fuck Me” at “There’s a bomb in the bus”.hahaha Pasensiya naman, lumaki kasi ako na karamihan eh mga tito ko ang nakikita ko. At lagi silang nanonood ng action movies. At ang kilala ko lang na artista non eh, si Robin Padilla, Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid, Raymart Santiago, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal at Bruce Willis. Nakakaloka! I was one of the boys. So yun ang unang kinahumalingan kong kalbo.:) Wala akong maisip na second crush na kalbo, pero sa pagkakaalam ko halos lahat sila action star. Isa na rin si Josh Harnett sa movie na Black Hawk Down. Hindi ko maipaliwanag pero ang mga militar eh talagang may dating sa akin. At siguro isa tong movie na to na may pinakahot na male cast. And in my opinion its one of the best war movies ever aside from Saving Private Ryan and the TV series Band of Brothers. Another man in uniform would be Channing Tatum in Stop Loss, She’s the Man and Dear John. But I really think he is hotter in Step Up because the dancing skills is a plus point. Next is James Badge Dale in TV series 24 where he plays Chase Edmunds. I think he’s the hottest cast of 24 ever. Okay, Freddie Prinze Jr is hot with the new haircut too, but there is really something with Chase that makes him manly and hotter than Agent Ortiz. Anyhow, my latest detective crush is Derek Morgan of Criminal Minds. I’ve watched Criminal Minds like for the last three months only and I’m still about to finish Season 2 and I therefore conclude that Shemar Moore is one of the hottest African American hunks. Plus I love it if its coupled with the Garcia way of flirting, they look cute together. So we are done with the man in uniform, let’s get to the man in scrub suits. Com’on! Doctors are hot! I’ve watched maybe mostly medical dramas all my life but I’ve never been more addicted until Shonda Rhimes created Grey’s Anatomy. Its like the medical drama when you feast your eyes with all the McSteamy, McDreamy and McReallyReallyReallyHot. I’m not the McDreamy or McSteamy fangirl, yes, I do find Mark Sloan hot (Sorry I don’t dig Derek Shepard) but I never really liked him. I don’t know if you are going to agree with me but I think Alex Karev is the hottest surgeon in the planet even without the MC before his name. Come on! Don’t you just love how jerk he is for the first three or four seasons and then ended up falling in love with Izzie and eventually made him a better person, IMHO, that is. If there is one Grey’s Anatomy character I wouldn’t want to die or to leave the show it would be Justin Chambers’ character. I just love Alex since Day One and this might be a little over the edge but I always cry when I watch their wedding scene, the scene when Izzie dies and learned that she signed a DNR, the “you freakin died in my arms” scene, the break up scene in the locker room, the scene when Denny dies and she carries Izzie and lastly the scene where he was about to die and she calls out for Izzie and Lexie was crying like hell. I love a lot of Alex Karev scenes and I love how he matured as an actor.:) Plus with that haircut and facial hair. HNNNNNNGGGG

One Pinoy who looks really good na kalbo is Derek Ramsay. Don’t you just wish you are in Angelica Panganiban’s shoes sometimes?

And my absolute favorite would be Wentworth Miller aka as Michael Scofield. Combined with those green eyes and luscious lips, what more can u ask for if a con who looks that hot and who’s smart as hell will fall in love with you? Sara Tancredi I want to be in your place.:))

And not to forget my latest addiction…Dr. Jackson Avery in Grey’s Anatomy.:)

Don’t you just love him in Rihanna’s Russian Roulette?

And of course the love of my life EMINEM, step back Kim Mathers lol. I guess Eminem will always be love, his rap are like poems full of angst, confidence and just real, no pretentions.

Hope you enjoyed this senseless

Just Me. For Now.