Things I’ll Do When I Get Home

There are things I can’t do when I’m here in Saudi. Regular stuff like watching movies, eating out with friends in weekends, drinking sprees, jogging, buying cheap books, riding a jeepney or tricycle, eating pork, miki, empanada, longanisa from Ilocos and wearing regular clothes.

In Saudi there are no theaters, as in like OMFG? You call this life? I love watching movies so I end up watching DVD rips from Shane or uploading TV series. I can’t eat out with my friends on weekends, its either they have work,  I have work or we don’t like to go out riding a taxi if the driver is not Pinoy so we have to wait for Chanin’s dad to come and fetch us. Alcoholic drinks is banned, they make home made vodka and beer and we have to drink it without anyone knowing that its alcohol. Can we jog wearing abayas? arrrgh! I wanted to jog so much because I miss it but I can’t jog with my abaya on. Books are way too expensive. I bought Girl with the Dragon for SR39 that’s like more or less Php400. Ow well I just miss the pollution in Manila that is why I miss the jeepneys. You know what I miss the most? Eating pork. I miss pork adobo so much, I miss inihaw, I miss bacon, I miss longganisa, I miss everything pork.:( Sighs…. And you know what I hate most? Wearing abaya every time I go down the flat to order some water or buy some milk in Bakala, wearing abaya when I go to work, wearing abaya which underneath is a pretty dress, wearing abaya is like wearing a nun’s veil->requirement! Ang Mango, Zara, Marks and Spencer, Burberry pambahay lang yan dito!lol Seriously.:)

So before I start answering questions from LWW and Mosby I want to write a list of things I’ll do when I get home.

1. I will go find a karinderya in U-belt and eat lutong bahay for lunch.

2. I will eat grilled food for one month. I do hope my cancer cells will not wake up.

3. I will eat miki  and empanada for snack, longganisa for breakfast and bbq ni Mang Harvey sa Riverside.

4. I will have a one month eating and drinking spree on weekends with my friends.

5. I will watch every movie in a Lazy Boy couch with my brother.

6. I shall indulge my self in all froyo flavors from all froyo stores.

7. I will stop eating chocolates, we have a bunch of that here.

8. I will eat a lot of vegetables, the green leafy ones.

9. I buy all the Blue Ray Discs of the movies I missed.

10. I will now start building my library, not the virtual one.

11. I will spend 16 hours in Starbucks without a laptop, just one book.

12. I will go to every possible island I can go to in the Philippines (this is why I need to save money) that’s around 7000 islands.

13. I will organize a reunion with college friends and the girls outside the country, that is the plan before I left so let us save money again!

14. I will not wear a dress at home rather I’d wear it when I go to the palengke.haha I will now wear pekpek shorts outside since there will be no more abaya.

15.  I will pursue a career as a clinical instructor  (haha. hire me Dean Locquiao! and prepare documents for Canada or UK) photography, creative writing and culinary arts. So again, I need to save.

These are the things I’d love to do when I get back. There’d be more as time flies.

Its the start of the Ramadan today. I was sleeping, I was so exhausted from yesterday’s duty. What did I miss?

Just Me. For Now.