Usapang Kapatid

Namimiss ko ang kapatid ko ngayon. Kaninang umaga lang nareceive ko ang SMS mula sa nanay ko, “Interview namin sa Sept. 9. Include us in your prayers.” Wow! Ang bilis ng interview (sa US embassy) gusto ko tuloy umuwi at sumama na rin sa kanila kung ang visa ko ay available lang.haha

Anyway, bigla ko lang namiss ang kapatid ko, kagabi pa actually. Wala kasi akong kaaway.haha At walang akong tinatawanan kapag naglalaro siya ng DOTA at natatalo siya, or kapag may mga ginagaya siyang character or may mga binabara siyang tao sa Facebook. Kagabi rin kasi super kwentuhan kami nina Dex at Shane about teenage life and I see in them my brother. Magulo, makulit pero sweet pa rin. Nakakamiss ang kapatid ko, kasi ngayon wala na akong pinagluluto ng adobo at inihaw na manok, tacos, hash brown at pasta. Wala na rin akong tinatawagan kapag madaling araw na at wala pang tao sa bahay. Wala na rin ako mautusang magbuhat ng groceries na pinamili ko. Wala na rin akong nililibre ng Starbucks at Bread Talk. Wala na rin akong nililibre ng jumbo hotdog at popcorn kapag nanonood ng sine. Wala na rin ako binibilhan ng pekeng DVD ng TV series. Wala na rin akong nilalabhang malalaking damit at pantalon. At higit sa lahat wala na siyang katulong.hahaha Kawawa naman ang kapatid ko, pero in fairness nagtext yan sa akin dati sabi, “Katulong na ako ng sarili kong bahay.” Natawa lang ako kasi super tamad niyan. Hindi mo talaga mautusan kahit magbuhat lang ng water container or maglaba ng sariling damit. Fact:Meron siyang dalawang closet ng damit na pwede niyang isuot ng dalawang buwan ng hindi naglalaba. Pero natuwa rin ako nung maglipat bahay sila at tinulungan niya si Mama na maglinis and all. I never thought my brother can survive being independent. He really is independent now and I’m proud of him. He lives alone in a two bedroom apartment five minutes away from school so he has no reason to be late. He cooks his own food, I bet I taught him really well. He does his own laundry and cleans the house. He goes to the supermarket now, alone. He pays the bills not with his own money of course. I totally love the idea that he is independent and more mature.

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My brother’s ultimate dream is to be in the military. When he was in senior high school he was actually planning to take the entrance exam in PMA (Philippine Military Acadamy) but he was discouraged by mostly, family members from the grandfather, uncles, dad and mom. My grandfather was a World War II veteran and as kids we are used to listening to war stories. My brother and I grew up watching war movies and TV series. My eldest uncle was PMMA alumna. He was one of the people who discouraged him not to enter the PMA because of the “seniority”. You know how it is when there is seniority in your school. Its like being in a fraternity with all the hazing and stuff I don’t want to talk about. And mom and dad probably never wanted a son for a soldier because of the risks not in military school but what comes after graduation (like in the field when gets to the ‘real war’). I never did discouraged my brother in entering the PMA. I never discouraged him because I wanted him to pursue his dreams because I never had that chance. I never got to choose what course to take in college, what school I wanted to enroll in. But after the talks and advices, he finally decided to take the next best choice of him being an engineer. He enrolled in Mapua and took up Mechanical Engineering since he wanted to design cars. After four years in Mapua, he decided he wanted to take up Aeronautical Engineering in PATTs which is more expensive if he later decides to take up flying courses which will cost about 1.5 to 2 million for like 400 something hours. My dad actually didn’t want him to go because he already spent how many years in ME and yet he haven’t graduated. I guess that’s what you get when you don’t let your kids take the course they want to. To my parents, lessons learned. Before my brother decided to transfer, he was telling me he wanted to be a pilot and join the air force. He was a great airsofter, won several games with his team and I think there is still a part of him that wanted to be a soldier. I knew how badly he wanted to be one and so I talked to mom and dad and told them to just let him take what he wants. Maybe that way he’d get better grades and graduate as soon as possible. And I was never wrong, it was only when he showed me his class card that I saw again 1.5’s and 2.0’s which I’ve only seen in his first year in Mapua. During his first year in Mapua, he was number 32 on the list of the best students in his college, why he fell I don’t know. The environment maybe. I recall he said that he wanted to be away from his Mapua friends for a while since they are bringing up the bad influence. And now, he’s having good grades I hope he does until he graduates.

Anyway what made me miss him more is the video above. The link was posted by Bianca Gonzales in her Twitter account. When I was watching it, I was really crying because if one day when he decides to join the Air Force I’d also feel the same as the kids, moms, daughters, girlfriends and sisters seen in the video.:( Its awful to wait for months or years thinking your brother is in the warzone. Mahirap isipin na nasa ibang lugar sila, alam mong hindi ligtas at magulo but they are doing it for the country and for us. Sigurado ako iiyak si Mama pag nasa Air Force na yan. Naaalala ko tuloy si Dear John (yung book, hindi yung film)…

I miss you Ron!

Last part of the blog

Me: Interview na daw nina mama.

Ron: Oo sa Sept. 9

Me: Ikaw wala pa?

Ron: Wala pa. Ayoko pa umalis.haha

Me: Cge wag ka muna umalis antayin mo ako.haha

Ron: Cge.

Me: Pero ayusin mo na passport mo kasi maglalakwatsa tayo sa buong mundo pag-uwi ko.

Ron: Cge ba pero tinatamad pa ako ayusin ang passport ko.hehe

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