I thought you should know

Dear Mike,

I never really called you Mike when we were together. I feel like it calling you right now. I never planned on writing this. I just don’t have anything to do right now. This is actually a draft. I made this yesterday but my love for Dean Winchester is overflowing that I had to turn off the internet connection so I can watch him saying “This is my lucky day. I’m amazing! I am batman.” Okay, so I will begin my letter again.

Written sometime last May.

Dear My,

That’s way better. I’m used to calling you My or should I say your name in my phone is MY (which stands for Maria Yvez, the name of your ex.jk) and my friends always ask me, “Kamusta ang MY mo? Matino na ba?” So I will call you MY at the moment because I just want to.

First of all, I’m not really sure what this letter is for. Originally its a goodbye letter (literally a goodbye letter since I’m leaving the country soon), but I don’t really know how to say goodbye without remembering what the hell you did to someone so sweet and loving like me. Yes, I am narcissistic and you are immature.

Last edited May 21.

Dear Michael,

I really wanted a good post right now. I can’t think of any subject but you. Chanin’s reaction from my email’s signature which was “Someday you will grow up and realize you can’t have all the answers.” made me take a second look on my other email account which has another signature that says, “I will never forget the day he broke my heart and he would, for sure, never forget the day I’d find someone to fix it.” I thought you should know that I never found some one to fix my heart. I did fix my heart. I never needed someone to fix it for me, besides, I own my heart. I think it’d be better if I’d change the quote into, “I will never forget the day he broke my heart and he would, for sure, never forget the day I’d find someone who will never break it again.” Doesn’t that sound better? I don’t know. Maybe it does. Its more mature I guess.

Last edited August 6.

Dear whoever you are in the dialysis unit,

You have stolen my heart.

But in my three months here in Riyadh, I never got your name and we only had five-second moments behind the dialysis unit door or the ICU comfort room. So, whoever you are mister, I thought you should know, “I think you are the one I’m describing above.” (LOL. Hindi masama mangarap, ikaw lang ang trip kong subject ngayon.) So if one of these days you’ll do a CRRT in the ICU, please can you tell me your name? Bakit ka shy?hahaha

Lastly, whoever you are in the dialysis unit…I’m speechless and I need to finish my review for tomorrow’s Saudi Council Exam. Let’s get to know each other soon and please don’t be shy, I don’t bite.;)

Just Me. For Now.