Top 25 Countries I Want to Visit

My friends went to Hongkong like two weeks ago. My other friend Alex wasn’t able to join them. Why? You better ask Chester or Arvin, they’ll explain it better. Anyway, I promised Alex one thing (since we weren’t able to join them) that when I get back I’ll treat him an airfare ticket to HK.;-) So let’s hope and  one pray that Cebu Pacific will have a promo.

Anyway I’ve been thinking lately of the places I wanted to go to, maybe because in a few months time my parents are going to the States (and hopefully my brother too). Actually almost all of them (aunts, cousins, uncles) are going to the States which makes me really sad and happy at the same time. Yes, I wanted to be with them. But I love it here in Riyadh. I’m independent here, I get to work, get paid, buy food and clothes, go to a party without the obligation of telling them where you are. I love the freedom I get here although we are not exactly “free”. So homesickness please do visit me once in a while but I need to stay here for the next 20 more months or else I won’t be able to travel to places I’ve been dreaming about.

As a child there had been places on my travel wish list. There have always been three countries, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. And they are still on top of my list as of today.

Why UK? My favorite aunt is married to a British and has been living in UK for the last 24 years. I wanted to go there maybe because of her. When I was a child I always get these cute birthday cards and ten pounds for a gift. I think I’ve always been interested on how beautiful the palaces are and how I wanted to emulate their accent.

Auntie Caring and Uncle John

Hampton Court

When you live in a tropical country like the Philippines I guess its everyone’s dream to see snow or taste it (not kidding, when we were kids we were curious how it tastes like). Then you get to maple leaves of different colors which is by the way the most beautiful leaves (though I haven’t seen one) in my opinion. There go, Canada goes on the list. Plus! I wanted to wear mittens and not look jologs.wahahaha

Long before Lord of the Rings happened, there was encyclopedia and I decided I wanted to go to New Zealand. And dad would say, “Its so clean, green and beautiful. And you’ll see more cows than people.” I love nature and the adventure that goes along with it. I guess that is what New Zealand can give us.

So there goes the top three countries I wanted to travel to. And so I continue.

4. Seychelles

5. Maldives

6. France

7. Prague, Czech Republic

8. Spain

9. Vatican City

10. Italy

11. The Carribean

12. South Korea

13. Egypt

14. Switzerland

15. Greece

16. Jamaica

17. United States

18. Brazil

19. Bahamas

20. Japan

21. Australia

22. China

23. French Polynesia

24. Norway

25. Indonesia

One day, before I build my own family I would visit at least three of the countries/places listed above. So to my future boyfriend, you can join me with my adventure, please try to earn as much money as you To my brother, hurry up and graduate so we can conquer the world ala Amazing Race. And to mom and dad, stay put, I’ll treat you something on your 25th anniversary. Another three countries on our honeymoon and maybe the rest of the world when I have my family.

PS The HK promise with Alex remains. ASEAN countries and the Philippines after two years with my great friends.

Gaaaaad!!!! Ang haba ng listahan, gastos ito! GASTOS!

Just Me. For Now.