The day after October 21, 2009

It was my last day in PICU. And weeks before I was about leave the hospital, I prayed for one thing to happen. It didn’t. So we had our separate ways, you continued to be a doctor and finished you finished your residency and I for one, applied for work abroad. The communication went fine, but more like acquaintances and colleagues, no more, no less. So I went on and forgot about you.

I don’t know if the day after October 21st will happen. I’m not even sure. But for the last three or five days I’ve been thinking a lot and I find myself saying the same old prayer weeks before I left. I don’t know how you call it, but I really do hope and pray that that day will come. Maybe not today or tomorrow but someday.

I really hate waiting. But I’d like to take the advice my cousin gave me. So I’ll wait for the Supreme Being to do the magic.;)

Just Me. For Now.