The problem with a democratic country is,

WE ABUSE the freedom much like what Carlos Celdran did a few days back, interrupting a mass by wearing a Jose Rizal inspired costume, holding a poster that says DAMASO and shouting that the church should not get involved in politics. Yes, I agree with Mr. Celdran’s sentiments but the method of letting the church know about how narrow minded they are is just not right. How would you feel if some gate crasher went to your party and acted this way? It doesn’t feel good, right?

The problem with a democratic country like ours, my beloved Philippines, is we abuse the freedom we have. Try living in a country where your voices can’t be heard. Try living in Saudi Arabia for example where men and women can’t talk to each other except in hospitals and when you buy something, where most women stay at home and don’t get to work or do whatever they want, where you can’t go on the streets with posters against the government? Try living in a country where I live in now and you’ll realize how Filipinos had done their best in abusing the freedom we are given. It was never wrong to say what’s on our minds or expressing our feelings. We can join rallies and protests but there are specific places to voice out our rants. I spent four years studying in Mendiola and I never understood why people had to protest in front of our school (Hello! Nag-aaral po kami! Pwede tumahimik?) where there are designated places where they can shout “Patalsikin si whoever-runs-the-country!” I think same is true with the media during the August 23 hostage taking. The media was so eager to cover the whole scene that they forgot everything else but to deliver to the people that “Hey! There’s a hostage! We got to interview Mr. Mendoza first!”. I’m not saying its completely the media’s fault because a lot factors took place and killed almost ten people from that incident but the media could’ve shut up for a while and let the experts do the negotiation it could’ve made a difference. Ever wonder why they invented the word “Confidential and Classified” so we can’t snoop around because “its a matter of national security”.

I guess Mr. Celdran has learned his lessons. I do agree with him though, but I’m not going to interrupt a mass to remind the Catholic church that they are separated from the State. I’m going to tell them thru this blog (after all the pen is mightier than the sword) I’m pro RH bill, or more like I’m pro- artificial means of contraception. Let’s not be hypocrites, sex is a physiological need, we need it in order to survive (well, not as much as we need water and food but we still need it.) And we can’t tell every one to abstain or to do the natural method and all because every one has preferences. I ask you now, if you want to have sex are going to wake up early in the morning and take your temperature and if its a degree higher than the usual you will refrain from having sex? NO. Who does that? You can kick my arse if someone still does that. So, Catholic Church, why can’t we give it a try? Its better than not being able to feed ten kids and just let them sleep in the streets and not even letting them step to grade school. There I said, calmer than Carlos Celdran.

Just Me.For Now.