Why Team Damon Salvatore

I was never a fan of Twilight. I was never a fan of the book nor the movie. It totally sucked. I read the book later because I wasn’t satisfied with the movie. Why? Because the actors are so lame I bet my nieces Mariel or Kim could’ve done better. Yes, they were hot and all but who needs hot actors when the acting is such a shame (wala pang chemistry ang lead cast) and the script is way too predictable. So then I read the book. I think its way better than the movie but I’m not really impressed. The theme is on love which is portrayed in a needy, selfish, egoistic way by the lead character Bella. And I bet every teenage or maybe even those qualified for the desperate housewives dreamed of having or meeting that Edward Cullen in real life. Sparkling vegan vampires.FML I can die right now.


So when I heard about The Vampire Diaries I hesitated to watch it. But my brother, yes, my brother insisted on watching because he’s got a crush on Nina Dobrev aka Elena/Katherine. So we watched the whole season one together while eating tacos in front of his PC. I liked the series not because of the two hot guys on the cast but because of the mystery it possesses. After every episode you keep asking yourself (Who’s really the bad guy? Why do they look alike? How come Katherine is “protecting” Elena? or Why does he need wolves for Plan B or the moonstone?), and you find answers to questions later on in the next episodes. But it doesn’t end there, questions keep popping and you’ll end up loving the mystery. It keeps you going like when you’re reading a novel and you can’t stop turning the pages.

Today I look forward to the day after Thursday to watch TVD after downloading it. Another reason I love watching TVD is because of the brotherly love thing. I’ve been a fan of Supernatural’s Sam and Dean, Prison Break’s Michael and Linc and the Band of Brothers but this is unique from the three because they are fighting or arguing over one girl which prolly never happened in the other three series.

Yes, the script is recycled (esp on the love triangle part)  but what makes me want to look forward to watching it is that the actors can really act. I guess Nina Dobrev has made a quite impression portraying two different characters at a time. Paul Wesley, well, I’m not a fan but he still is way better than Rob Pattinson. This is my favorite scene so far. Oh please stop crying, I’m drowning in tears too!:(

I guess my favorite is Ian Somerhalder and how he plays his character so well. His eyes and smile can really act. Eyesex anyone?lolz HNNNNG. He’s character too mysterious like his eyes.

And to forget douchebag Tyler Lockwood, bitchy vamp Caroline, witch Bonnie and of course that hot little brother Jeremey Gilbert. What a cast? Anu may ganyan ba ang Twilight eh sparkling vampires lang di ba? Or kahit ilang abs pa ni Jacob Black yan…

May abs nga chaka naman ng ilong.weh

Wala pa ring tatalo sa isang Damon Salvatore. Mata pa lang ulam na.char!

Nag-enjoy ang mga bakla! O siya tama na. This a Damon Salvatore appreciation blog.

Just Me. For Now.

Katt pwede ring Katerina Salvatore.;)