Sweet November

November has never been this sweet.

First, my grandmother died. She had another stroke and she died. Two days before that I was even looking at her from Skype. At least I saw her sleeping for the last time. May she rest in peace. She will forever be missed.

Secondly, I spent four days of the 5-day holiday working my ass off and in those four days I never had a benign duty. I missed our Ha-ir outing. I was ready that day, shirt and pants on, only the abaya missing when our nursing coordinator/bleep holder called me and asked if I can come for morning duty. Without thinking, yes, I never even thought for a second, I said yes and told her I’d come late for the endorsement. After hanging up the phone, I realized what I just said and went straight to Nezerina’s room, called Sir Russel and called again Sir Russel and called Mamai. Hay…so I went for duty that day. It was not that toxic compared to the last three days, but I was really exhausted. When I got there, all eyes were on me. Then Swapna asked, “Why are you here? I told them to call not to come because Binoy is coming.” WHAAAAT! And they called Binoy told him to just come for night duty. Communication. It means a lot. So I promised myself that day, at the end of the month when I get my salary I will buy a Sawa sim card so they call me via phone and not let the security guard knock on my door at 6:30 in the morning to tell me I have a day duty (which happened the day before I was supposed to be singing in the videoke in Ha-ir)

red sand see u december 3!

Third, and because I wasn’t able to enjoy the holiday, the boss invited us to just go to the Kingdom Mall. I think its the highest skyscraper in Riyadh with 99 floors and 300 meters above the ground. So we went even though others wasn’t able to come because of work while others were sleeping. Its a 90-second elevator ride to the skybridge. I enjoyed the view. I wish I had a DSLR to take pictures but we are not allowed to use cameras, but I still used my “Iphone”.haha

yan yung guard na kumuha ng pic, naisahan namin siya dahil gumamit kami ng IPHONE.chos!


with jenny

Fourth, It was Thanksgiving on the 25th. I promised to called my family in Pennsylvania, but I had night duty and I can’t do anything about this thing called timezone. But the morning before the Thanksgiving dinner, I called dad. I miss my dad but I hate when he’s always reminding me to start applying there because I get more benefits. Yes, I wish I could be there with my family, spend time with them but I do love it here. I love being independent. I love the work here. I like my friends and my colleagues. Maybe one day I might visit but I’m not really planning to work there. I think London, New Zealand and Canada will still my top choices if I ever wanted a greener pasture. So there, I wasn’t able to call them. Maybe later. Auntie Caring went there also because he haven’t seen my dad for 20 years. I should really call them later. The grannies were surprised when she arrived, she had to leave Uncle John with a nurse back in London. Family is almost complete in there. I miss them.

brothers and sisters (4 missing)

I miss kilawen.

the grandchildren. I really want nana's scarf.

and the queen’s surprise thanksgiving visit

That’s it for now. Sana may sweldo na mamaya. Looking forward for Mom’s birthday on the 2nd, mom and dad’s anniversary on the 3rd, and Christmas! Accio, money!hehe

PS Don’t you find it irritating pag sinasabihan ka ng “Malaki na *insert name of inaanak here* wala ka bang package diyan? First of all, you need a job para ikaw magbigay ng regalo sa anak mo. Second of all, hindi mo ako kinuhang ninang para lang sa regalo, I’m a godmother, I will guide her. Third of all, pwede bang hintayin mo na ako magkusa na sabihing, “Uy, nagpadala ako ng damit para kay *insert name of inaanak here*.” Kahit joke yan hindi maganda pakinggan, hindi ko pinupulot ang pera dito. Naglilinis ako ng tae ng malalaki at mababahong tao para lang magkapera ako tapos ikaw hihingi ka lang? lol. Kaasar ka ha.

Just Me. For Now.