This was my December

It’s my first Christmas away from home or more like away from my family and it was like “Pasko na? Wow! Off ako itutulog ko na lang.” And that was how I celebrated my Christmas.

On the night of 24 Ate Luna invited us for a dinner in her friend’s house. We enjoyed the karaoke and the food and the kids opening their gifts. It was fun! But it could have been better.

I miss Christmas at home. The exhange gifts, the simbang gabi and the arroz caldo after and the camwhoring with the little cousins. Hay…and the making of kakanin or just the plain sitting down in the sala watching movies with the grannies.

at peyborit ko talaga ang pic na ito kasi sexy ako! walang kokontra!

After the dinner in her friend’s house, we got home and stayed at Ivy’s flat, watched TV Patrol, ate KFC chicken, drank a non-alcoholic beer, called my brother but he was on the way to mass and camwhored. What a Christmas! The next morning I called my mom and dad. Auntie Caring called and greeted me. I called the grannies. And that was my Christmas.


camwhoring moments!

This was my New Year.

I was on day duty. We were relaxed at first because we only have 5 patients and 2 patients for discharge so it only means we’re gonna have three left at the end of the shift. After lunch I transferred my patient. I actually waited until after lunch because the bleep holder will pull me out of ICU if I didn’t. So anyway after I transferred, Jenny’s patient is also for direct discharge and Shane is also about to transfer his in the medical floor. So I went with Shane and we shifted his patient to the floor. Few minutes later the Long Term Care Unit called and told us we have an admission. The bad thing is right then and there they shifted the patient without informing us. It was a day of disarray, but as our senior nurse (the only Indian in that shift with us 3 junior Pinoy nurses) said, “Job well done! Everybody did really well. We helped one another and that made the shift not-so-toxic although it was supposed to be toxic and all. We were trying to insert a cannula on one patient, another was attending to the newly admitted patient, still another is doing evening care because the patient passed stool in her chair. It was a tiring New Year, yet fun and fulfilling.

Ang pizza ng Pizza Hut! Di masarap! I miss u Yellow Cab's NY's Finest and Chicken Salsa

That night we ate in Ivy’s flat again. We sang in the videoke in the dining hall. FAME! I’m gonna live forever.


Ate carrot cake from Ate Ynaz and ordered pizza for a midnight snack. I think New Year was way better than Christmas although I haven’t seen any fireworks. I miss the Ilocos fireworks.

This family...I miss...

Just Me. For Now.